Meriden Poet: ICiCLES

Meriden Poet: ICiCLES

Looking out my windows

there was quite a sight to see,

Long rows of icicles staring back at me

Like diamonds hanging from the roof

and formed just overnight,

shaped like pointed daggers 

that sparkle in sunlight

They melt, drip and re-freeze

into a waterfall of ice,

both pretty and dangerous

they sure do look nice

But, with some four feet in length

they must be knocked down,

sounding much like wind chimes

as they crash to the ground

When walking out the door

There's something I would dread,

It's having some of those daggers

dropping on my head

So, from my ice castle perch

It's really the smart thing to do

whispering "good bye" to them

and hopefully this cold winter too.

Elaine MacMullen, Meriden

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