Universal language of Mankind

Oh the wonder, that sooths, 

Music flowing,  doth move,

Blissful passage etched


Our comfort, all  memories begin,

Unseen,  emotion, makes  life worthwhile,

Uplifting,  eternal a spirit doth smile, 

What is this gift, Stirring emotion,

Who can ever define, 

Upon moving this  ocean,


Incomprehensible,   ourselves the chord,

Sprung deep in the well,

Swirling  through time,

Transforming our words,

Stirring ever, in deep orchestration, 

The essence beyond all contemplation, 

Transporting the soul,

Eternal emotion,

Composing dimension, 

Who dare define, 

This language unseen,

Transcending sublime,

Universal language-

Of blessed mankind...

The miracle of music, 

The essence of time...

Universal language, 

Of all mankind. 

The soul doth crave,

Behold this wonder, 

The Universe, aligned, 

Blessing all asunder.…

Mary Morley, Meriden


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