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For The Greater New Haven Probus Club 7th Annual Re*Cycle Your Bl*Cycle and Musical Instrument Event 


Make sure to place this date and event on your calendar with the following information: Sunday, Sept. 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Kohl's Shopping Center, Hamden; Jimmies of Savin Rock, West Haven; Goody's Hardware, East Haven. 

Your donations will assist many under privileged families, veterans, and those with intelleetual or developmental disabilities (IDD}. We look to our communities to continue making this event a huge success. 

The Greater New Haven Probus Club was founded in 1921 to help individuals with special needs in our community. We have expanded our efforts to help others by providing assistance for at-risk individuals and families, homeless shelters, veterans and incoming refugee support groups. All donations are tax deductible as Probus Club is a 501c3 organiza1ion. We -1eome other individuals and couples who want to give back to their community. For more lnfonnation about us, contact Roy Lukacs at (475} 224-9774. 


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