Little Free Library

Today, Thursday, May 5 was field trip day and all the little ones from the Red Room of the First Congregational Church Preschool were very excited!  

They have been patiently waiting all week and today was THE day!  As the students walked out into the beautiful sunshine they all held hands as they were suppose to.  The preschoolers chatted as they heading down Colony Street towards their destination.  At the corner of Church Street they patiently waited for the crosswalk sign to change. When it did their teachers guided them carefully across the street, ever closer to their destination.

They walked a little further to the mini park at the train station and they were there, the Little Free Library filled with books especially for them!

This particular Little Free Library is a replica of the traffic tower that was used in downtown Meriden. The original was restored and is currently located on Hanover Street just before crossing the railroad tracks and a few blocks away.

Sheryl Estrom, a member of the Charity Club of Meriden donated two huge bags of age appropriate books, along with Meriden Little Free Libraries pencils for these inquisitive readers.

Carefully the students retrace their steps back to the First Congregational Church, guided by their teachers and were awarded with a books and pencils to take home for their very own.  Additional books were placed in the room library for everyone to enjoy.

It was a great day to take a walk to get books and pencils!

Little free libraries are standalone book boxes in which people can take a book or leave a book.  Currently, there are 23 Little Free Libraries located in Meriden, visit Meriden Little Free Libraries on Facebook for locations and updates.


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