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10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Its almost that time of year again when we will all be bothered by the pesky mosquito.  Did you  know that you can deter them from having a free meal on you, by simply planting a few plants? There are several plants that will help in the nasty battle with the stinging little pest.  Here are just a few different types; basil, catnip- be careful if you have cats as funny things will happen if they get into it, citronella grass, geraniums, lemon balm, lavender, marigolds, peppermint, and  rosemary. 

Basil, Lemon Basil and Cinnamon Basil- all variations work but Lemon Basil is best at repelling mosquitoes.

Catnip- this plant, as you know, attracts cats but the same chemical in this mint plant repels mosquitoes.

Citronella Grass- citronella candles are made from citronella grass, so if you happy with the results to get from burning candles the plants are much stronger which means they are more effective at repelling the pests.

Geraniums(Citronella)- are very similar to citronella grass but has a lemony scent.  They don't require a lot of care and if placed near the entry way they will keep mosquitoes away and brighten up the area.

Lemon Balm- goes along with the theory that lemon and mint scents deter mosquitoes, well so does Lemon Balm-, crush on your skin for a stronger repellant.  Fast growing, not a lot of care, and attracts best and butterflies.

Lavender- a durable plant that doesn't need a lot if care to thrive, full sun and well drained soil. Oils from lavender reduces the mosquito's ability to smell. You can also run the leaves on your skin.

Marigolds- an annual that drive in full sun and humid conditions, contain Pyrethrum, which deters mosquitoes, not a powerful as some other options, but it's pretty to look at.

Peppermint- scent and oils from leaves are great for deterring mosquitoes from landing on you. Crush leaves and rub oils on your skin. Peppermint oil is so strong it is able to kill larvae if exposed within a 24 hour period.

Rosemary- delicious herb but also has a strong scent that can keep mosquitoes away. If you're camping or sitting by your fire pit, through a few sprigs into the fire, the scent will deter mosquitoes and other pesky insects.  Below are a few pictures of the ones you might not know what they look like, everyone knows what Marigolds, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender look like.

 FUN FACT- Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of your body, some people are more prown,  for lack of a better word, to attracting them while others go without a bite.

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