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Meriden-Wallingford Community Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund Begins Distribution of Funds

Meriden-Wallingford Community Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund Begins Distribution of Funds

Fourteen social service agencies have been awarded $109,280 of the money donated to the fund. “As promised, we have begun distributing the funds generously donated by the over 90 generous and community-spirited individuals and organizations to the agencies that have applied,” said George McGoldrick, UWMW Board President and Distribution Committee member of the fund. “Our committee vetted each one carefully so that every donor can be proud and confident that his or her wishes are being followed.”

When the fund was established, two important guidelines were established: 1) that the money be directed to helping those individuals and agencies for the financial damage wrought specifically by the coronavirus lockdown, and 2) that the money be distributed quickly so  it would have an immediate effect.

“Our Distribution Committee is comprised of just those who do this very sort of work as professionals. Rest assured, every dollar is going to its proper use, and, as a result, hundreds of people will be helped by their neighbors, just as intended,” stated John Augustyn, Co-Chair of the fund.

“It is so gratifying to see that so many people of good will and generosity reached out to help.

That’s what defines the difference between just a city or town and a true community. We are a true community, that’s for sure,” he added.

As the lockdown wears on, the need for help grows. “We are three-quarters of the way toward our original goal of $200,000, but the need is growing faster than the donations. That is going to be the case for some time. The longer the shutdown, the more desperate many people’s situation becomes,” Maria Campos Harlow, UWMW Executive Director . “I truly believe there are many more good-hearted people who will see this and open up their wallets to help. We can promise them that their contribution will make a difference to one of their neighbors – a big difference.”

To date, the following organizations have received grants: Boys & Girls Club of Meriden, Family Business, Helping the Homeless Among Us and Feed My Lambs programs of First Congregational Church of Meriden, Girls Inc., Literacy Volunteers, Master’s Manna, Fresh Start program of Meriden Church of Christ, Meriden YMCA, NESIT, New Opportunities, Spanish Community of Wallingford, The Salvation Army and Ulbrich Boys and Girls Club.

Donations can be made online at the United Way of Meriden and Wallingford website  ( or at the Meriden-Wallingford Community Foundation website ( Checks can be mailed to the foundation at 35 Pleasant St., Suite 1E, Meriden CT 06450. Information is on the United Way’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, or people can call the UWMW at 203-235-4403 in Meriden.

For more information, contact Maria Campos Harlow at or

(203) 710-2665.