6th Annual SCOW & WPS International Celebration Event

Over 750 people attended the 6th annual SCOW & WPS International Celebration event had at SCOW for the very first time. About 20 countries from around the world were represented at the event. Students and their families proudly showcased their cultures through displays of artwork, artifacts, traditional clothing, and international cuisine.

It was an opportunity to embrace and learn from the many diverse cultures represented in Wallingford. The Wallingford Police Department and the Wallingford Fire Department engaged with the families, shared community resources and exchanged smiles.

In addition to the Board of Education and the superintendent and assistant superintendent of schools, there were also both local and state representatives in attendance, including town councilors and delegates like Mayors Dickinson and Scarpati and Senator Cicarella.

We would like to thank the students and their families for embracing and sharing their rich varied cultures with the community. A big thank you to the International Celebration’s Committee, teachers and school personnel, in particular the Bilingual and English Language department, the SCOW team and Board of Directors, the extraordinary youth and adult volunteers, the amazing performers, Ray Ross Photography, the Wallingford Police and Fire Department and everyone who attended the successful event!


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