Middlesex Community College Foundation awards 95 scholarships

 On May 2, the Middlesex Community College Foundation hosted its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony and awarded 95 scholarships totaling $89,700. Dean of Students Adrienne Maslin hosted the festive evening, with closing remarks by Foundation Board Chair Julé Crawford. The student recipients were chosen to receive assistance to further their educations by a dedicated scholarship committee that carefully followed the criteria set forth by former staff, alumni, and other friends of the college who established these generous funds over time. 

Psychology studies student Aquia Brown-Welch of Meriden was thrilled to receive the Philip and Amy Wheaton Endowed Scholarship Award.

The local student scholarship award recipients are: Nicholas Bailen (Middletown) Eames Family Endowed; Ashley Beckert (Berlin) Paul L. Jones Foundation; Tamika Browne (Middletown) Liberty Bank Foundation; Aquia Brown-Welch (Meriden) Philip & Amy Wheaton Endowed; Joshua Budney (Meriden)  Peach Pit Foundation Fund; Chelsea Burgoyne (Durham) Rotary Club of Middletown; Carole Capen-Kargher (Middletown)  Paul L. Jones Foundation; Alexis Clark (Meriden) Raymond S. Robinson Endowed; Migdalia Colon (Meriden) Carolyn & Ken Innocenzi Meriden Administrator; Joshua Costa (Berlin) Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed; Natalie Erdos (Wallingford) Paul L. Jones Foundation; Sarah Fillion (Middletown)  Gandhi Annual; Nicholas Gardinier (Meriden)  Record-Journal Foundation; Lisa Giannone (Meriden) Boris Burack Endowed; Kristina Guerrera (Meriden) Edie Fuld Endowed; Justin Hart (Wallingford) Raymond S. Robinson Endowed; Jake Hesseltine (Durham) Hugh & Judith Cox Foundation; John Howell (Durham) Jesse J. Salafia Nursing; Herbert Levine, MD Endowed Heilyn Jordan (Plainville) Altrusa International of Central CT; Gary Lambert (Meriden) Liberty Bank Foundation; Brenda Lira Velasco (Middletown) Students  receiving & Investment in their Education (STRIVE); Middlesex United Way Women’s Initiative Thomas Lopkin (Middletown) Nihla & Bob Lapidus Foundation; Liberty Bank Foundation; Anna Malek (Meriden) Paul L. Jones Foundation; Dorothy Mannings (Berlin)   Paul L. Jones Foundation; Brittany Marshall (Meriden) Nihla & Bob Lapidus Foundation and Record-Journal Foundation; Emira Martin (Meriden) Record-Journal Foundation; Jimmy Mendoza (Meriden) Carolyn & Ken Innocenzi Meriden Administrator; MxCC STEM Sarrah Mierzejewski (Middletown) Patrick Campbell;  Karen Molloy (Durham) Patrick Campbell and Peach Pit Foundation Fund; Jacob Murphy (Berlin) Pratt & Whitney; Duong Nhan (Meriden) Rowland & Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration and Rowland & Ruth Beaulieu Endowed; Adaireliz Nieves (Plantsville) Founders Endowed; Ariana Ortiz (Meriden) Charles & Rachel Wiltsie; Genise Rodriguez (Meriden)    Catherine L. Dennis Endowed; Lisa Roy (Meriden) Hugh & Judith Cox Foundation; Cory Roy (Meriden)  Philip & Amy Wheaton Endowed; Ayal Rozen  (Wallingford)  Stephanie Nelson;  afaa Sajid (Middletown)  Raymond S. Robinson Endowed; Gandhi Annual Joseph Sands (Middletown) STRIVE; Ali Shamasna (Berlin) STRIVE; Hope Smith (East Haddam)  Judith & Robert Walsh Jessenia Sterling (Southington) Dean Richard Muniz Family; Paige Sweeney (Middletown) Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed; Quenisha Williams (Meriden) Liberty Bank Foundation Jordan Williams (Meriden) STRIVE.

Since 1966, Middlesex Community College has provided high-quality, affordable, and accessible education to a diverse population, enhancing the strengths of individuals through degree, certificate, and lifelong learning programs that lead to university transfer, employment, and an enriched awareness of our shared responsibilities as global citizens. A part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, MxCC offers more than 70 degree or certificate programs at the main 38-acre campus in Middletown, MxCC@Platt in Meriden, and online.


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