Meriden’s Y’s Men: “The Three Stooges vs. Hitler” 

Meriden’s Y’s Men: “The Three Stooges vs. Hitler” 

During the years leading up to World War II, it was common to make fun of Adolf Hitler in movie shorts and other media. Speaking to 61 Y’s Men of Meriden on Nov. 12, club member and movie buff John Colaresi gave a short history review of events leading up to the war and then proceeded to show a movie featuring the Three Stooges titled “I’ll Never Heil Again” (a parody of the 1940 song title “I’ll Never Smile Again.”)

This 18-minute film, created in only four days by Columbia Pictures in 1941, is a parody of fascist Germany, starring Moe Howard (playing Moe Hailstone, a mythical Hitler-like dictator), Larry Fine (playing  Field Marshall Herring) and Curly Howard (playing the Minister of Propaganda) in the mythical country of Moronica. During the non-stop slapstick action, things go poorly for everybody.

At one point, Dictator Moe lifts up his Hitleresque moustache so he can shave underneath it. A battle for a roasted turkey breaks out between Hailstone and other world power representatives, but eventually is lost by them all as a portrait of Napoleon in a picture frame on the wall grabs the bird and makes off with it.

Midway through the movie, the daughter of the deposed former ruler of Moronica places an explosive 13 pool ball on the table in place of the regular one. Somehow, the cue ball is not able to hit it and takes winding paths and irregular hops to avoid it. It is only at movie’s end that during a farcical fight for possession of a world globe in the meeting room, a frustrated Field Marshall Herring throws the explosive pool ball at the floor, with the resulting detonation destroying the room and the people in it.

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