Great Ideas For That Stump In Your Yard

Great Ideas For That Stump In Your Yard

Have any trees that were recently cut down in your yard that left with a stump?  Here are some great ideas to use that stump and dress up what could be an unsightly mess.  Its always hard to cut down a tree, reasons can vary from the tree being diseased, it can threaten other structures or it was damaged in a storm.  By utilizing what is left, the stump, you can create a beautiful natural planter.  Here are some great ideas for different types of stumps you might have left in your yard.

1. Fairy House Stump-this has to be one of my favorite ideas for a stump that was cut taller, not so close to the ground. Decorate the stump to look like a home for fairies and garden gnomes. This is a great way to get the kids involved in the design and placement of flowers, after all fairies love sweet smelling flowering plants that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, which are known as fairy magnets, fairies love to hang out with them.  Here's a few flowers to plant that fairies love: petunias, foxglove,  nasturtium, columbine, snapdragon, sweet william, and cosmos.  Herbs are said to lure fairies so try planting thyme, rosemary, heather and yarrow. You also need to provide some type of shelter, like add a toadstool or a birdhouses, after all faires need shelter from the rain. They also love sparkly, shinny babbles, try marbles, beads, pinwheels, etc. Let your imagination run wild. 

2. Rotted tree stump- this can be filled with soil and will turn and eyesore into a thing of beauty.  Bright, colorful flowers of your choosing can dress up your yard in a matter of minutes. If you don't want to use soil another alternative is to place a top in or on the stump. A few suggestions are wildflowers, cornflowers, marigolds, phlox are just a few. You can also grow other plants around the base of the stump to make more of an impression. 

3. Succulent tree stump planter- they only thing you have to do is change the type of soil you are placing in the stump or pots. Succulents need soil that drains well, soil potting soil and dirt from your yard will not work well at all because it retains to much moisture which can cause root rot.  You can purchase soil made just for succulents or you can mix sand, gravel, perlite, or pumice together and make your own.  Succulents are also drought resistant.

4. Logs tree stump planters- moveable logs can also be used to make great tree stumps. This design is convenient as it can be moved to wherever you feel your garden needs a little bit of natural color.

These are just a few ideas, so let your imagination run wild with that eyesore left in your yard, by your driveway or walkway. There is so much you can do with that stump! Look on our Facebook page for more photos and ideas of tree stump planters.

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