Junior Garden Club Explores The Grounds Of United Faith Methodist

Junior Garden Club Explores The Grounds Of United Faith Methodist

North Haven Garden Clubs Junior Gardening program had a great time exploring the grounds of the United Faith Methodist Church.   Not only is the the "Garden of Eatin" located on the grounds, there is so much more than meet the eyes going on behind the gardens.  We were all pleasantly surprised to take a walk on the "peace trail", a well maintained path or walkway that runs behind the gardens into the back of the property and forms a half circle. Its a short walk exploring nature, with deer, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and other small rodents, lots of birds and bees around and its hard to believe its right behind the gardens.  

There is also a bee keeping area with a very active hive and an orchard with a variety of fruit trees. The walk along the trail takes about 15 minutes and for our first walk our tour guide was Pastor Wayne.  He told us that he area was once a river bed, now dried up, which explains the fertile soil, and that there is a lot of wild life in the woods behind the church.  A bench is located about half way through the walk which gives you a chance to sit and listen to the sounds and sights that surround you.  The kids love taking a walk around the property to see new fragrant flowers and any other unusual sights the trail has to offer on that given day. 

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FUN FACT- "United Faith Methodist Church is located on 6+ acres on Clintonville Road and in 2016 a decision was made by leaders of the church to clear some of the property for a community garden and orchard. Subsequently the idea of a peace path around the property was also made." -words from their mission statement. 

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