Deptula Essay: To get Lost in a Book

Deptula Essay

Fatima Islam, Thomas Edison Middle Magnet School

To get Lost in a Book

There's a dryness in my throat, and I wet my lips nervously. I simply had to ask if Mom could drive me to the library, not hard at all. Still, the butterflies in my stomach felt more like a swarm of bees. I tentatively placed a hand on her shoulder and asked the question with the most pleading voice I could muster. She gave me the look of a slightly raised brow and stern mouth. I shrank but didn't let up. “Please? Please Amu?” I watched in disbelief as her small head bobbed downwards in a slight but unmistakable motion. That was a nod. Oh lord, she had said yes!

Next thing I knew, I was buckling my seatbelt in the passenger seat, with an oversized backpack beside my worn sneakers. I felt giddy and like a child on her long awaited journey to the park. I suppose that was more or less true, as the library was my special park. The pale burgundy hue of the library came into view and I sat upright. I sent a beaming grin at Mom and hiked the backpack onto my shoulders. Even before the car came to a full stop, I was swinging the door open, ready to greet today's security guard and fill my backpack with books.

After going to the library...

I physically could not look away from the array of literature. After a brief debate on which to read first and last, I studied the display before me. Like always, I had lined the books onto my desk neatly, in the exact order they would be read. I decided to complete the Ash Princess series first, by Laura Sebestion. Then continue to the long awaited Red Queen literary series, and so on. I smiled to myself again, and without further ado, I gently pulled Ember Queen, out of the row, and practically skipped to my bed to begin reading.

An unspecified amount of time later...

I honestly couldn't tell how much time had flown by. The words flew from the pages into my head and I flipped the pages like a reflex. I assumed it had been well over a few hours. My eyes scanned the pages over and over, my teeth sank into my lips and the world became the story. I had barely registered what had happened until I found myself containing a yelp at the knock on my door.

Habitually, my sister welcomed herself in with narrowed cocoa brown eyes. She tilted her head towards the clock in my bedroom, indicating that it was way past time for me to stop reading.

"Sorry" I murmured, and put my bookmark into place. I cursed myself for not finishing the chapter, and closed the book with deep regret. The sun had been flooding the room with light when I had started reading. Now, a deep indigo colored the sky and my own reflection bounced off the windows. I sincerely hadn't noticed the daylight leave my grasp, but I doubted my sister would believe that. Judging by the stern lines in her brow and the slight frown on her lips, I confirmed my suspicion. Oh dear. I was most likely in for a "talk" about time management. Still, being able to lose myself to books felt amazing, definitely the highlight of my days. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked downstairs to give my apologies.

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