Phyllis Donovan: Long time setting up new iPhone

Phyllis Donovan: Long time setting up new iPhone

By Phyllis S. Donovan                          

     It’s been a very long while since I got my first Apple iPhone. In that time, it has become one of my most useful tools. In fact, I actually doubt if I could safely exist without it.

    Everywhere you go these days you see people either chatting on their iPhones or checking out their messages or other useful Apps on them. It looks to me as if almost everyone has one.

    But for me, that iPhone is my connection to the world. Since I got Meniere’s a few years back and lost most of my hearing practically overnight, I cannot hear on a regular telephone even switched to its highest volume.

    And no, I don’t use the other phone I got which prints out a caller’s remarks with such a long lag that it’s difficult to maintain a regular least for me, as my mind is outrunning the pace of the printouts.

    Texting became the solution to my communication problem and I have used it almost exclusively for several years now. It’s a quick and easy way to have a conversation with everyone on my list of frequent callers. It’s also the way I would summon help if I ever needed it in a hurry.

   That’s why, when my trusty old Apple 5 started acting up, only holding a full charge for an hour or two, my daughter Peg deemed it on its last legs and hustled me to the Apple store at West Farms Mall to invest in a new one.

     Within minutes of entering that busy place, a young man had ushered us to the area where the phones were displayed and I had picked out a handsome silver iPhone 8 with a navy blue case to hold it and paid for it by credit card.

    The problem that now presented itself (and the reason we went back to an Apple store in the first place) was that I wanted everything from my old phone transferred to the new one. Since the old one had only a minimum of gigs, I was told, and I had jammed it way too full of information and photos for its capacity, that transferral was going to be difficult and take time.

    First, our patient tech Demario had to download a lot of my photos, which he temporarily sent to my daughter’s iPhone. Then he had to send things to the cloud. (Oh, I am so far behind on understanding such things!)

    He got rid of Apps I no longer use and eventually set aside Facebook which I look at every day.  I never post anything there but like to see photos of the neighbor’s vacations or their kids going off on the first day of school or the new homes of former neighbors. It’s how I keep in touch with people beyond my network of family and close friends with whom I regularly text.

    I did not, however, want to part with my old texts...especially those with my youngest son before he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in three months. Those texts from him are still precious to me as are many from sweet and poignant text conversations with close friends and family.

    And so, with the help of a couple of technical support people, the job of transferring data from one phone to the other continued for most of the afternoon. When our tech’s break time came, he opted out, saying, “I’m with a customer,” and continued the complicated download. “I hope you’re not working on commission,” I told him and he assured me that he wasn’t and kept working on my problem.

Finally, four hours after we arrived at the store and watched people coming and going, buying all sorts of iPhones, iPads, Apple watches that do everything, and who knows what other technical wonders, our transfer was complete.

Before leaving, we talked to the manager and complimented Demario who had kept at it all afternoon and accomplished an especially difficult job without a break. Then finally, we were on our way home four hours later with a new updated iPhone I hope will last me the rest of my life.