Quinnipiac University Professor Alexander Laskin publishes new book on ‘Investor Relations and Financial Communication’

Alexander Laskin of Cheshire, professor of strategic communication at Quinnipiac University, has published a new book focused on the complexities of investor relations.

“Investor Relations and Financial Communication" provides a comprehensive evaluation and introduction to the investor relations and financial communication profession.

Laskin said he hopes his book will address a gap in communication and financial literature.

Laskin recommends this book to anyone who wants to start a career in investor relations. The book provides a solid foundation for continued education in the field. The book covers a wide array of topics, including available jobs, disclosure practices, sustainability and crisis management.

Laskin hopes many will take away useful knowledge from his book.

Laskin started his book in 2006 as part of his dissertation; however, he did most of the writing during the COVID-19 pandemic, working on it from the summer of 2020 to the summer of 2021. Laskin explained that he enjoyed the writing process and found joy in finding current examples throughout the writing process.

Laskin is currently working on other book ideas, having more than 10 book projects in his head.


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