Mount Southington Ski Area Ignites Mentoring Pair’s Love For Snowboarding

West Hartford resident Mike Isko, right, is an attorney in the New Britain Public Defender’s Office. He’s also a Big Brother (adult mentor) with the Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters youth mentoring organization. Mike’s Little Brother (mentee) in the program is 16-year-old Trey, left, from New Britain.

Mike and Trey have been matched with Nutmeg since 2018. Thanks to the free admittance policy the Mount Southington Ski Area in Plantsville has extended to Nutmeg mentors and mentees for more than 20 years, Mike and Trey have developed a passion for snowboarding – so much so that Mike is a certified snowboarding instructor at Mount Southington. And he was thrilled recently when his mentee Trey earned his Mount Southington certified snowboarding instructor title as well, and was presented with an official bright orange jacket.

When not on the Plantsville slopes, Mike and Trey are advocates for youth mentoring. During January, they’re celebrating National Mentoring Month by saluting all Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters, past and present. They’re also asking other adults to consider becoming mentors – as a way of creating other amazing matches just like theirs. Learn more at:


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