'Notte d'Amore'(Night of Love): Chocolate and Wine'

The Southington Chapter of UNICO is sponsoring a Valentine's Day Celebration called 'Notte d'Amore'(Night of Love): Chocolate and Wine''.  Usually, this event is held at the Aqua Turf with a fabulous 4 course dinner followed by dancing and all-night cordials.  Unfortunately, like many organizations, COVID has impacted all in-person events.  In order to continue its fundraising efforts which are integral to continuing to help our community, UNICO has had to rethink this event and make necessary adjustments to still accomplish our goals.

This year our Notte d’Amore will consist of purchasing a gift bag.  The gift bag will contain a $50 gift card to the New Mill, 2 bottles of wine (red and white), Italian chocolate candies and a red rose for the ladies.  The gift bags will be available for pickup only at the Calendar House in Southington on Saturday, Feb.12, between the hours off 12 noon and 4 p.m.  The gift bags must be pre-ordered. The cost is $75 per gift bag  You can place your order by calling Marc Ingriselli at 860-628-7429, Luigi Barbato at 860-628-2241, Mark Mongillo at 860-919-8374) or Antonio Cusano at 860-681-3451.  Purchasing can also be done online by visiting our website at http://www.southingtonunico.org and clicking the link to purchase the gift bags using a credit card.  There is an additional $2.75 admin fee per bag for using this service.

Help us to continue to support local charities and organizations such as Bread for Life, Relay for Life, Community Services, Unified Sports (a trademark of Special Olympics), the Cooley's Anemia Foundation, Nursing and book scholarships and numerous other requests for help we receive during this most difficult time.


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