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Yule Gathering

Connecticut Wiccan Pagan Network


Yule Gathering

The CWPN.Org is a non-profit organization dedicated to the needs and education of our Connecticut and surrounding areas’ Wiccan and Pagan community. Our beliefs are that of honoring and revering the natural cycles of the Earth and Universe, and of the Goddess and of the God in their many facets and forms. We do this by having events for each of the eight Sabbats, which are opened to our community and like-minded people, and during these occasions, we perform open circles to honor Deity.

Our next event is the Yule Sabbat, which is the celebration of the Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the God, and the celebration of Light. This event will be celebrated in the true Norse Tradition, with The Autumn Grove Circle performing the time-honored ritual called “Heathen Hostel Ritual”. This includes the combination of the Symbel and Blot, including toasting to the Gods/Goddesses, Ancestors, nine Virtues, Brag and Boast, followed by a catered feast! Bring chalice/cup for toasting!

Expect a visit by ODIN, and from the KRAMPUS, (parents bring a wrapped gift for each of your children.)

We will have vendors onsite selling their wares, most of which are handmade, for your holiday shopping. For more information about this fantastic event, visit our website listed below.

We are extending an invitation to attend to this outstanding event to all Wiccans and Pagans, and to people who are of like-mind. Seating and ticket availability is limited, so we are requesting that you please pre-register before this event takes place, at CWPN.Org., and we will see you all soon!


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