Last minute Father’s Day gifts 

Who is looking for last minute Father's Day Gifts? There aren't many shopping days left, so I am sharing a few easy gift ideas for Dad. Even if you can't procure the gift by Sunday, have your child draw a picture of the present to insert in the Father's Day card. 

Father’s Day gifts don’t always have to cost money –  some can come right from the heart. Here are 10 thoughtful and inexpensive gifts:

Make a photo album - it costs very little money to print photos at your local pharmacy.

Organize his sock drawer - I don't know about you but both my husband and my Dad are always looking for the 'other' sock.

Bring Dad breakfast in bed.

Make an invitation to a family game night – our girls' Dad LOVES to play board games!

Design a few "Good for One" tickets for Dad to redeem – a back scratch, his favorite snack from the cabinet, help in the yard, etc.

Offer to do chores around the house – specifically the chores Dad despises most (like laundry + dishes).

Bake his favorite cookies or cake.

Wash his car - what Dad doesn't love a shiny clean car?

Clean the inside of his car.

Write a Father's Day poem or fill out a Father’s Day Fun Worksheet.

If you are looking for last minute Father’s Day gifts to purchase locally, here are some great ideas:

1. A beer, coffee, hot sauce or steak subscription (it's a real thing just Google it!).

2. A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.

3. A portable fire pit (check your local hardware store) + S’mores ingredients so you can enjoy it together!

4. A gift certificate to a local spa for a massage (or even a foot scrub).

5. A snack basket - put together a basket of his favorite snacks and candies.


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