Top 10 bedroom decor trends for 2022

It should be no surprise that calm and comforting home environments are trending in 2022. We have also spent so much time looking at our white walls that we are seeking huge changes.

We also need a space that is tranquil and about healing. We have been through a lot and we need a space that can help us restore ourselves. 

Layering your room is still trending

Whether you want to vary colors or play around with patterns, its all about the layering. Two or three different styles and textures is appealing to the eye. Bring in textures from bed pillows to decor on your side table. 

Accent walls

Accent walls are huge for 2022. Dark walls making a room look smaller is a huge misconception. Similarly, a light room will not make a space look larger. It is simply about balance. I like to have one large accent wall with a darker color and leave the other walls a more neutral and light color.

If you choose to have all of your walls darker, then your furniture should be lighter in color. Incorporate black walls for some contrast. Change out your hardware. Another cost saving tip is to use spray paint. Hardware can be expensive. It’s hard keeping up with the trends, so paint is always your best friend.  

Hues of Green

With all the earthy vibes and a need for calm, it is only “natural” to have the top color trend be green. Think more calming colors like sage and emerald. If you do not want to paint a full wall, add simple touches of green like a chair, ottoman or pedestal. 

Going vintage

The supply chain has impacted all of us – myself included with being a small business owner. Interior designers and home decor enthusiasts have found themselves thrifting, but what is better then one of a kind pieces? Try your local Salvation Army for antique vases or lamps and restore them with some mod podge and paint for a new creation. 

I personally love vintage pieces. They each have their own story and add so much more character to a home. I’m going to age myself here, but some things just aren’t made how they once were. 

Layers and textured fabrics

Texture is my interior design love language. If paint is not your thing, wallpaper is going to be huge. Printed wallpaper has come a long way— they even offer peel and stick now. You can have thousands of patterns at your fingertips and the selections are endless. If you are a lover of both wallpaper and paint – do both! I love adding a half wall of wallpaper, a trim of molding and a pop of color at the bottom. For textures, think comfortable, furry and cozy. 


Let’s eliminate stress and find storage for your clutter. They say you will be less stressed when your home is not cluttered. Find ways to store the items you are not currently using. Instead of stuffing items under your bed, purchase sliding containers or zipper bags. You can declutter your closet by making it for seasonal apparel. During the winter, store your summer clothes in containers tucked under your bed. 

For the love of pillows

Pillow lovers and hoarders unite during 2022. Now is your time to shine. Lumbar pillows are especially trending. I have always loved a huge statement with pillows on the bed. You can definitely mold two trends here with the layering of multiple pillows. It can become quite the statement and focal piece for your room. 

Wall paneling

Paneling in the bedroom and throughout the home is still trending this year. A cost effective way to update your room, instead of changing your headboard, is adding wall paneling. It can make such a statement behind your bed. 

Bring the outdoors in

We have spent so much time home the past couple of years. We have been looking for ways to change up the space that we have been spending so much time in. If you have a green thumb, I welcome you to add plants and greens to your space. If you are like me – I do not have room in my life to take care of another living thing –  faux is all I can own. Whatever your case may be, adding a plant will make a huge impact to your room. 

Bedroom seating

Even in the smallest of bedrooms, I have been seeing places to sit. This again creates a space for calm and relaxation. Giving yourself a space to read a book, put on your slipper and unwind gives the room a multifunctional feel. Add a cozy chair or a bench to the room— whatever your space allows.

We spend a good majority of our lives in our bed. We need it to be a space where we can unwind and sleep well. Adding multiple throws and blankets to the bed not only plays on the trending layered look,  but allows you to sleep more effectively. Yes effectively! Your temperature changes throughout the night and it’s nice to be able to add or take away layers based on your comfort level.  

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor.



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