15 fun indoor kid-friendly activities to do at home during winter

Are you feeling bored stuck inside this winter? Here are 15 fun indoor activities to do at home during winter or while under quarantine.

We have had to miss out on many opportunities for fun this winter due to COVID-19 – Disney on Ice and The Polar Express are two my girls are still talking about! Instead of letting the pandemic bring us down, we have tried to make our own family fun at home. 

The Ultimate Family Game Night – Let every family member pick a game to play and a snack to share. Have older kids? Turn it into a competition!

At Home Spa Day – What’s more fun than makeovers for the whole family? Take turns styling each other’s hair or giving mini manicures. Create your own sugar scrub or make an edible face mask. End the spa day with a relaxing meditation or nap.

Project Runway – I know my daughters will someday love to try out a DIY Project Runway. Have each child create a “look” featuring clothes from their own closets. Don’t forget to have a fashion show and photoshoot!

Cupcake Wars or a Bake-Off – My daughters love to watch kids baking competitions on television. They are still a bit young to cook on their own in the kitchen, but who is to say that they can’t compete against each other with Mom and Dad? Test your baking skills to see “Who can make the best chocolate chip cookies?”

Indoor Treasure Hunt – Draw a map or use homemade verbal, written or picture clues that lead to a prize.

Movie Theater at Home – Print your own special movie tickets. Set up a mini concession stand with popcorn and candy from the dollar store. Create a cozy space to watch a movie with pillows and blankets.

Living Room Campout – Pitch a tent indoors or build a fort for your living room campout. Make s’mores in the oven and pop popcorn on top of the stove. Tell spooky (or silly) stories around the fireplace or a pretend campfire.

Tie Dye Fun – Use a tie dye kit to make funky new pillowcases, socks, t-shirts, etc.

Host a THEMED dinner – Beach/tropical vacation, backyard BBQ, homemade pizzas, DIY Mexican or Italian food, or pick a country’s cuisine to research and cook. Decorate for the dinner and dress up too!

Kids Cook and Serve the Parents Dinner – I think this is self explanatory! If your kids can cook – that’s a win! If they’re too little, order takeout and let them serve you!

Build-Off – Have a contest to see who can build the best robot/castle/creation using items from the recycling bin or items around the house.

Formal Family Party – Get as dressed up as you can (pull out a suit and gown!), serve mocktails, play fancy music, and eat a special dinner together.

Happy Unbirthday Celebrations – Pretend it’s your child’s unbirthday – have cake, play games, dance and maybe open a present (gift something from around the house). An unbirthday is an event that is typically celebrated on any of the 364 or 365 days in which it is not the person’s birthday. It is a neologism coined by Lewis Carroll in “Through the Looking-Glass,” giving rise to “The Unbirthday Song” in the 1951 Disney animated feature film “Alice in Wonderland.” 

Pretend You’re on a Tropical Vacation – I saw a great article with 20 Fun Island Activities for Kids and thought – wouldn’t it be fun to pretend you’re on a tropical vacation at home? Pull out your swimsuits, fill up the tub and turn up the heat!

Learn a New Dance or Yoga Flow – There are so many instructional videos for dance and yoga on YouTube for kids. I know my daughters think anything is more fun when the parents are involved – so don’t just sit back and watch the kids do their thing. Join them!



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