5 ideas to refresh your home 

5 ideas to refresh your home 

The Holiday decor has been taken down, so now what? It’s nice to have a clean slate and get organized, but the sparkly lights bring so much joy. I want to share with you how to make your home feel bright and cozy in the depths of winter when it can feel so gloomy outside. 

Declutter and Get Organized

Start with one room. Thinking about organizing the entire house can be overwhelming. Have a bin by your side that will house all the items you want to get rid of. If you haven’t used the item in a few years, chances are you never will. It’s a perfect time to sell or donate your unused items. Marketplace for Facebook can be a great place to sell your items and make some money to purchase new decor. Once you go through all of your unwanted items, come up with an organizational system that benefits you. Once you have made it through your entire home, it is time to refresh and renew.


Shop your house

Yes I said it. Take a look at items you currently have in your own home. Maybe you stored them away or you’re using them in another room. I rearrange my furniture all the time or move different pieces in other areas to make them new again. Use books as decor by taking off the cover and facing the book with the pages facing forward. Make your old decor feel new again. Spray paint can be your best friend. You can spray paint picture frames, mirrors and old vases to match your current decor. Restore an old hutch, bookcase or dresser with a sander and can of paint. A dresser in a new shade can be a statement piece for your room. Change out your picture frames with new art prints. 


Let the light shine in

I always start my morning by opening all the curtains and blinds in the house. Natural sunlight can do wonders for your mood. 

You can use darker curtains in the winter and lighter colored curtains in the summer. 

Incorporating candles into your decor adds a sense of coziness to your home and beautiful scents boost your mood. 


Change out your pillow covers 

You will be amazed how much your decor can change with the addition of new pillows and throw blankets. All of my pillows have inserts, so they are always interchangeable. I highly recommend down alternative over poly for a more luxury feel. 


Use Plants or Fresh Flowers in your decor 

Whether using fresh flowers or a faux olive tree, they will both bring new life to your home. I personally love olive trees in my home and simply put them into a planter and add some moss to hide the pot that it came in. Use a tall vase for stems of greenery. Add a bouquet of flowers to the grocery list as a gift to yourself. Fresh flowers can last a couple weeks and will add color to your space.

My design style has definitely transitioned over the years from farmhouse to traditional. This is the perfect time to get creative and stay busy in your home. It can be challenging looking at the same space every day, so with a few changes you can make your home new again. I hope with these five tips, you will be able to find new happiness in your home.

Amanda Piscitelli  is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of Livingwithamanda.com where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. Instagram.com/livingwithamanda. 

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