5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with kids

5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with kids

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate everyone that you love. Ever since my son was born, we have filled the day with crafts, baking and a party. While this year we are celebrating differently, we want the kids to feel just as special as they always have while spending quality time as a family.

Throw a party

You can still have an intimate party with just your family at home. For the kids party, I decked out our dining room table. I put a chiffon table throw down the center of the table. Each place setting had a jute placemat, mailbox, and painter’s canvas with paint palettes and brushes tied in a bow. I also included a square plate with dividers and personalized envelope cookies as their name tag, mini cupcakes and another heart cookie. To change it up, you can give each child a naked cookie, sprinkles and frosting to decorate on their own and include cookie cutters.

Make a craft

I always shop my home for items that I already have to incorporate into projects for the kids. Most projects can be made with just construction paper, glue and scissors. Have the kids fold a piece of paper in half and trace half of a heart at the crease. Then cut the heart out leaving the fold. Have the kids lay the heart flat and decorate it to their liking. I chose to cut strips of tissue paper. I had pink, red and heart tissue paper for Valentine’s Day. The kids can place the squares all over the heart. You can have them use glitter, but I opted out this time. 

Share the love

We usually make heart Rice Krispies on a stick for the kids to bring to school. We make the Rice Krispie cereal and then mold them into the heart cookie cutter. When the Rice Krispie sheets are available, I will usually just buy them because they are easier to use with cookie cutters. Next, I insert a stick or paper straw and dip half of the heart into pink chocolate melts and rest it on a drying rack. When they are dry, I drizzle the hearts with white chocolate melts and top with heart sprinkles. When they are completely dry, you can place them into a favor bag and adorn with a custom Valentine’s Day tag. This year, we will be doing a no-contact drop off.

Love baskets for kids

Just after Christmas, Target rolled out their paper mache mailbox for Valentine’s Day. I quickly scooped up three of them in tan. They also had pink and red available. I thought it would work two-fold; as a holder for the kids’ gifts and a centerpiece for their Valentines Day table so they could paint it and get creative. 

My biggest suggestion for holiday gifts is to think about what your children need and how you can incorporate it into Valentine’s Day. They always need body wash, pajamas (because they are always growing), and craft supplies.

While I always add candy into the kids’ gifts, I make it a staple to incorporate pajamas. I also included body wash, lotion and bath bombs, Mrs. Prindables pretzel logs and apples. I had a very talented friend of mine that I have known since high school design my Valentine’s Day cookies for me in hearts and envelopes with the kids’ names on them. As for added fillers to the mailboxes, I included mini M&Ms, gummy heart candy and cotton candy. 

Make something sweet

 A Valentine’s Day breakfast board can be made with so many twists. It can be perfectly paired with a hot cocoa, fresh orange juice with orange slices or a mimosa. You can pair it with heart waffles and fresh fruit or made into a Galentine’s Day brunch. The heart waffle maker is a mini size, perfect for storage and under $10. It comes in two colors: red and pink. I chose to make regular waffles (I always add a drop of vanilla) and chocolate waffles (sub a little of the waffle mix with hot cocoa). So good! I just love the alternating color combination of the two as well. 

For the Valentine’s Day Breakfast board I included:

•    Heart-shaped waffles

•    Cocoa heart-shaped waffles

•    Chocolate chips

•    Raspberry jelly spread

•    Blueberries

•    Strawberries

•    Fresh whipped cream (I added a tsp. of vanilla)

•    Sliced bananas

Valentine’s Day “Labor of Love” Dessert Board

One of my all time favorite things to make are charcuterie boards for the holidays. While we are not hosting anyone, I do have some amazing kiddos that absolutely love sweets. You can apply these same techniques to any themed holiday dessert board.

My board is a combination of homemade items and store bought sweets.

Here’s what I included on my board:

•    Heart and envelope cookies by Dani

•    Heart marshmallows

•    Caramel Pretzel logs

•    Strawberry wafers drizzled in chocolate and sprinkles 

•    White chocolate pretzels 

•    Mini donuts 

•    Powdered donuts 

•    Popcorn drizzled with chocolate 

•    Mini cupcakes

•    Mini heart cakes

To end our day, we indulge in our labor of love dessert board. You didn’t think we had enough sweets for today did you? What would the day be without a full spread of more cupcakes, cookies, pretzels and heart marshmallows?

I want you to just enjoy the day to the fullest with your kids. Use one of my ideas or all of them and I would love to hear how you spent your day.  

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of Livingwithamanda.com where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. Instagram.com/livingwithamanda. 

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