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The weather this summer has been exceptionally hot and humid. While I am certainly sad that summer has come to an end, I am ready for some Autumn vibes. As the Fall season approaches, we may also start to add some hues from Mother Nature inside the home as well. With cooler temperatures comes changes in colors and cozy vibes. Changing up your home decor doesn’t have to be costly and I am excited to share some cost effective transitional pieces with you. 

Don’t you just love the colors of Fall with the warm tones and how cozy your home feels? Nothing is better then having large knit blankets to cuddle up with.

I do like to transition my decor. My house is not overwhelmed with the season, but I love to add small touches throughout. It can become very overwhelming to keep up with every season, so having a few staple pieces is important. 

Shop your home

Often times you will find pieces that work better in other areas of your home. 

So many pieces can work well from season to season. When I do make purchases, I try to think long and hard about the item and if I could use it for years to come. I can’t tell you how many times I have opened my storage boxes and no longer love any of the items I have inside. Can you relate? 

Change out Throw Pillows and Blankets 

Let’s begin in the living room. It’s the place that we entertain and enjoy the company of others. A simple changing of the pillow covers from light creams to browns and taupes changes the entire look. Pillow covers are easy to store and cost effective. Pillow covers are a necessity when having kids. They are easy to take off and wash when little hands get all over them. 

I also change out the throw blankets as well. Summer throws tend to be lighters and as the months get colder, I use heavier knit blankets. 

This can also work for the bedroom. I actually changed out my cream knit throw for a burgundy throw- same weight but a different color and the room immediately went from summer to Fall. 

Update faux stems and greenery

Faux stems and greens can get very costly, but they are reusable and I can then justify the price tag. Local craft stores such as Michael’s and Joann Fabrics always have coupons available. It is amazing the transformation stems and greens make in a home. 

I would remove any bright colored flowers. I used hues of purple and cream throughout my home. You do not need to fill the entire vase, simply adding 3-4 stems will do. If the stems are too long, you can bend them easily with the wire. I highly recommend you not cutting them in case you use them in a taller vase the next season. 

Change out framed prints 

I have framed art in pretty much every room of my home. I interchange the artwork from season to season. Printing new art can get costly, but I do have some tips for you. I purchase art online as a digital file. I then have the ability to print the file using my own printer or sending it to a local printer for a poster print. 

I have designated spots on my walls for art and I also have frames on my kitchen counters, bathroom counter and bookshelves. I love artwork. Amongst prints online, fabric and cards make for great abstract art as well.

Add Real or Faux Seasonal Fruit

Whether in your kitchen, dining room or front porch, seasonal fruit always adds some flair. We are still experiencing some warm days in New England, so I haven’t purchased real pumpkins for decor as of yet, so my faux pumpkins will have to do for now. I don’t recommend having them outside all season long with the elements and wind.

I used some pears for my dining table. I love putting fruit in a low bowl bunched together or as a centerpiece on dinner plates. Fruit can add such a beautiful piece or color to your kitchen. It’s the best of both worlds- a beautiful piece of decor and a pop of seasonal color.

Inviting Entry Decor

A wreath is so welcoming and inviting when you come to a front door. A new wreath is probably one of my investments for the season. A wreath is exposed to all the outdoor elements and usually needs to be replaced. 

If you have some extra stems laying around that are unused from your centerpieces, you can easily make your own wreath to save on cost. A wreath also makes for a wonderful hostess gift. 

Fall Tablescape

The place where our family gathers together. I start with a vase as the focal point of the table and add in some faux fall stems. I then added a bowl of fruit, I chose pears, but apples can also be used. I always like balance, so I also added a bowl with a few pine cones. 

For an additional pop of color, I added mauve table napkins. I used pillows on our metal chairs to add a “cozy” element. Who doesn’t love to be comfortable while they are eating a Fall meal? 

Light some candles— pumpkin or apple scented ones and your table is set. 

The most important element of the season is togetherness- spending time as a family. Enjoy all the cozy vibes of home this Fall and share your favorites with me. 

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of Livingwithamanda.com where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. Instagram.com/livingwithamanda

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