State Historical Society debuts Bicycle Game

For bicycle-lovers who are meeting recent colder temperatures with disdain, the Connecticut Historical Society has just launched an exciting new exhibit that brings the heat, both on and off the street.

The Bicycle Game delves into a unique moment in history and brings visitors back to 1890s America, a moment in history that observed a surge in bicycle popularity.Through an intricately designed interactive exhibition created for visitors of all ages, visitors find the history of the bicycles as we know it meddled reconstructed by an salty scoundrel. Barnabus Boggs, whose name was selected through a “Name the Villain” campaign, is the mischievous rascal who’s meddled with art, facts, and more in an attempt to erase bicycles from Connectut’s history. Through a series of games, puzzles and races, visitors can put their skills to the test and work their way through the game. If successful, the iconic era can be saved from the wrath of Barnabus Boggs, and Connecticut’s bicycle history can exist in peace. 

The Connecticut Historical Society held an opening reception Nov. 17 to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all who pitched in to make The Bicycle Game a reality. After opening remarks, delivered by Rob Kret, Executive Director of the Connecticut Historical Society and C.E.O. and Katie Heidsiek, attendees were invited to enjoy some refreshments and explore the exhibit at their own pace.

Starting with an introductory video featuring Kara Sundlun and Scot Haney of Eyewitness 3 News, folks of all ages worked their way through The Bicycle Game’s various activities. From cracking codes, to racing other attendees, everyone who experienced the exhibit left with a newfound appreciation for all-things bicycles. The attention to detail, cultural and historical accuracy, and engaging features within The Bicycle Game are awe-inspiring– this exhibit is the quintessence of learning made fun. The Bicycle Gamess is sponsored by Media Partner Eyewitness 3 News, Premier Community Partner RMC Investment Advisors, Supporting Community Partner StanleyBlack&Decker, Supporting Sponsor Barnes Group Inc., Contributing Sponsor Ellen M. Brown. 

The exhibit is open from now through autumn of 2023. Access to The Bicycle Game is included in the ticket price when visiting the Connecticut Historical Society. Be sure to stay on the lookout for other  upcoming events by Connecticut Historical Society– they never disappoint.


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