DIY Halloween decor ideas

Figuring out Halloween decor doesn't have to give you nightmares! With a little help from your local dollar store, craft store, and a creative outlook, you can have the Halloween scenes of your dreams! Check out some simple recommendations:

Puffy paint decorated cups

Pro tip: When decorating for any holiday, the dollar store should be your first stop. A little creativity can not only go a long way, but can also stretch a dollar’s value. What you buy as a  standard glassware set of dollar store glasses can be transformed with just puffy paint and a vision. Based on the design you choose, starting from the bottom of your glass might be easiest, but ultimately what you choose to create and how you do it is up to you.  

Candy centerpiece

If you’re into fun, whimsical decor, this candy centerpiece is super sweet! Using some faux flowers, and a dessert trifle bowl as a vase, fill in any empty space with your favorite Halloween candy for a colorful, unique display. If you want to challenge yourself to create layers of different types of candy, I’d recommend placing the flowers before filling the bowl just to make sure no unnecessary mixing ensues. With just those three materials, you can add a Halloween hint to any area in your home. 

DIY Halloween tray

If you’re looking to add some levels to a treat display, this super-easy DIY is for you! Using just whatever speaks to you at the dollar store for the tray, some hot glue, and a spider web bowl, you can create a fabulous lifted creation that you can reuse year after year. Pro tip: The dollar store often carries the same item in multiple colors, so you can mix and match the spider web bowls and trays for a vibrant yet coordinated look if you want to create multiple DIY Halloween trays for a party or just to have throughout your home. 

Bat placemats 

For a quick project that will take your dining setup from sweet to spooky, consider making bat placemats. Start with some 9x12 black felt pieces– make sure you have as many pieces as place settings you want to decorate, and stencil a bat-shape on the back. Once you’ve stenciled all of your pieces, grab some scissors and cut them out. Making sure the side with any marking is placed face down, lay your creations over each place setting for a wingy win.



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