First day of kindergarten survival tips for parents

The first day of kindergarten is a milestone for parents and children alike. Transitioning from preschool to elementary school is a new chapter for the entire family. Here are a my First Day of Kindergarten Survival Tips for parents.

When I first wrote this post in 2019, Annabelle was a few days shy of her first day of kindergarten. Brandon and I were having a hard time holding back the emotions that come with sending your first born off into the big world. This year Ailey will enter kindergarten and the same anxious and sad feelings are already creeping into my heart. To help cope, I’m re-reading my tips for the first day of kindergarten as we prepare for her big day!

First day of kindergarten survival tips for parents

Drop off quickly

One of the most important first day of kindergarten survival tips for parents is to avoid lingering at the school. Just like ripping off a Band-Aid, dropping off quickly brings on the least amount of pain. The longer you spend with your child outside of the school or in her classroom, the more time you will have to be sentimental.

Give yourself some grace – it’s okay to cry 

Crying is natural, especially when you’re a Mom watching your child hit a new milestone. It’s hard to let go of your first born (or any child) and send them off into the world. Many parents will cry before, during and after drop off on the first day of kindergarten, just as you will when she goes off to college someday. 

Meet up with other kindergarten parents.

One of the most common tips from my followers for surviving the first day of school is to meet up with other parents after drop off. There is strength in numbers, especially when everyone is feeling the same melancholy sadness.

Write down your feelings

Writing is therapeutic when you’re overcome with mixed emotions. The first day of school makes me sad, excited, anxious and happy all at once. I found an empty journal to start recording my feelings about motherhood in on a personal level. I also wrote my daughter a letter for her first day of school!

Do something to distract yourself

The final survival tip for the first day of kindergarten is to keep busy until your child comes home. Many parents go to work, but some may be home with a younger sibling, or heading home alone. If you can, head to your favorite coffee shop for a little pick-me-up or go for a quick brisk walk to boost your endorphins. Wherever you go after school drop off, make sure you do something to distract yourself from wondering how your child is doing at school. 

Remember this: We have all done It

One of the best tips I can give parents who are sad or scared about sending their child to kindergarten is to remember we have all done it too. Kindergarten is the first step on a tall (but seemingly short) staircase to bigger and better things. Most children flourish in elementary school – from the routines to the enrichment to the education and friendships just waiting to be made.

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