HEALTHY LIVING: 5 TRX exercises for a full body workout 

HEALTHY LIVING: 5 TRX exercises for a full body workout 

Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) equipment consists of two adjustable straps which are anchored onto a wall mount or beam that is strong enough to support your body weight. When anchored properly, the TRX has the capacity to hold up to 1,400 pounds. The TRX Resistance Trainer allows users to leverage their own body weight to get a total body workout. 

The TRX works well for people at any fitness level because the resistance is easily adjustable. Those who want a more advanced workout should bring their feet closer to the anchorage point, creating a steeper angle. Beginners should maintain a stance that is only slightly parallel to the floor.

Here are five TRX exercises for a full body workout.  

1. Y-Raise

The Y-Raise can be achieved by planting the feet slightly forward and leaning backwards while gripping the TRX handles. You then place the palms downward, and slowly pull the arms overhead and apart into a ‘Y’ formation.

The Y-Raise targets the back and shoulder muscles. 

2. Rows

During the rowing motion, feet should stay in one place flat on the ground and the body should maintain a similar angle as the Y-Raise starting position requires. Palms face upward while you slowly pull the handles apart across the chest. 

The shoulders should be back in erect posture as you focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together. The completion of a repetition will slowly bring you to an upright standing position.

3. Low Squat

The TRX is ideal for perfecting squat form. For a full range-of-motion low squat you should bring your legs apart a few inches wider than shoulder width. Slowly sink back and down into the floor.

To start, the palms will face upright and slowly turn over as the arms release and the glutes are engaged. The end position is a deep angular squat with the arms stretched overhead. To further engage the hamstrings and quads you can rise all the way up on your toes from the squatting position.

4. Curtsy Lunges 

The TRX handles are used as stability holds during this exercise. Curtsy lunges can be completed by alternating between legs or finishing a set on one leg before moving to the other. One leg will remain in place while the other is brought behind the planted leg. 

The foot that is being used for stability should be staggered slightly in front of you and to the side of the body on which the leg is located.  The leg in motion will bend at the knee in a curtsy, hovering slightly above the floor before returning to the starting position. 

5. Mountain Climbers 

Mountain climbers target the entire abdomen as well as a portion of the shoulder and back muscles. The TRX straps should be extended so that the half circle loops below the handles are about two inches from the ground. 

Feet should be placed through the loops and the body should be fully extended in a plank position. Your hands will be stacked underneath the shoulders as you alternate bringing the knees up into the chest.

Kristen Dearborn is a Wallingford native, NASM certified personal trainer and author of the blog dearfitkris–