HEALTHY LIVING: 5 things to know about Powerology 

HEALTHY LIVING: 5 things to know about Powerology 

WALLINGFORD – Powerology combines weight training and fat burning exercises that improve participants’ core strength. Sue DiNino-Moreschi teaches Powerology at the Wallingford Parks and Recreation.

DiNino-Moreschi, of Meriden, is American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified and has been a group fitness instructor for over 30 years.

She said participants like that she regularly changes the format of her Powerology class so they have the opportunity to challenge themselves with something new.

1. What is Powerology?

Powerology is offered on Saturday 8 to 8:45 a.m. and Monday from 5:30 to 6:15 p.m.

“It’s basically a strength fusion class” said DiNino-Moreschi. 

Participants mainly use weighted bars, hand weights, and bodyweight. DiNino-Moreschi sometimes incorporates stability balls and other equipment. 

During the class I attended on Saturday morning, participants cycled through a full-body workout that included crunches, lunges, and tricep kickbacks.

Throughout the class, DiNino-Moreschi told attendees to listen to their bodies and use their breath as they transitioned between exercises. 

2. Class format 

DiNino-Moreschi’s classes are fast-paced with short intervals between exercises and no extended rests. She likes to keep heart rates up throughout the entire class. 

DiNino-Moreschi spoke through her headset to remind the class when to transition from left to right and to consistently engage their muscles. 

In Powerology, there are compound movements and isolation exercises, which kept participants challenged throughout.

Participants were also able to receive modifications for exercises that they could not perform. 

In the brief transitions between equipment and movements, DiNino-Moreschi encouraged attendees to grab water and stay hydrated.

3. Stretching is a priority

Regular stretching enables the body to warm-up in preparation for strenuous activity and helps participants avoid injury while exercising.

DiNino-Moreschi guided participants through full-body stretches throughout Powerology.

In between sets, she had the class doing dynamic stretches. She instructed them to turn from side to side while looking over their shoulders, to open up the back and neck. 

DiNino-Moreschi also told them to watch their knees as they lowered into weighted squats, focusing on helping participants improve their form while also building up strength. 

4. Challenge yourself

“I encourage participants to go a little bit further, if they can” said DiNino-Moreschi. 

During Powerology, DiNino-Moreschi told the class to try to keep moving at a steady pace.

She said that many people attend her classes 2 to 3 times per week and enjoy that she talks them through each movement. They have also given her positive feedback on her voice commands reminding them to maintain form while they push themselves.

5. Sign-up

DiNino-Moreschi said of Powerology, “It’s good for men and women.” 

Registration for Powerology is still open and the class runs until the second week of January. 

DiNino-Moreschi also teaches a class at the Wallingford Parks and Recreation on Thursday evenings, called Hardcore. 

Hardcore is very similar to Powerology in that it is a strength training class which works all major muscle groups.

For more information about exercises classes at the Wallingford Parks and Recreation visit: 

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