HEALTHY LIVING: 5 kettlebell exercises for a full body workout

HEALTHY LIVING: 5 kettlebell exercises for a full body workout

Finding a workout routine that you can follow through with week after week can be a difficult feat. Kettlebell training provides versatile, engaging training for both novice and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Kettlebells are characterized by the handle that loops on top of the weight making a heavy load more portal with singular motions. Kettlebells come in a variety of weight ranges.

1. Kettlebell single-arm front squat

Position the feet a bit wider than shoulder width and place the kettlebell weight over your wrist as you grip the handle. 

Your non-weight barring hand can come to meet your other hand at the center of your body or extend outward to assist your balance.

Front squats are particularly helpful for those who have limited knee mobility and find that back squats create too much compression in the knees.

2. Kettlebell high pull

Kettlebell high pulls are great for the arm and upper back muscles.

Position the feet slightly outside of shoulder range. Be sure to keep a slight bend in the knees to protect your lower back.

Grip the handle of the kettlebell with both hands and keep your elbows high as you raise the weight from your waist to collarbone level.

You will feel this motion throughout your entire body as plant the feet and use your core muscles to keep your spine straight.

The deltoids and trap muscles will be visibly working as you pull the kettlebell up and gently release it back downward.

3. Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings are highly effective at strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders.

Place the feet about shoulder width apart and let the kettlebell hang between your legs as you gently and methodically thrust the hips forward.

Bring the hips back to gain momentum and then let the kettlebell naturally swing slightly outward.

Be sure not to force the kettlebell up higher as you move the hips forward through the center line of the body.

4. Single-leg kettlebell RDL 

Single-leg kettlebell Romanian deadlifts, or RDLs, require balance and focus.

Bring your slightly staggered feet apart and let the arms fall limp towards the ground. Engage your core to grip the handle of the kettlebell and slowly bring the body forward towards the ground as your back leg lifts.

Keep both legs engaged with a generous bend at the knees.

Release the upper body to an upright position while swinging the back leg through and in front of you.

This exercise works the quads and hamstring muscles while also keeping the core and upper body engaged.

5. Kettlebell sit up

The kettlebell sit up requires you to extend your arms outward while griping a kettlebell at face-level.

Bend the knees and keep the spine tall. Slowly fall backwards in a controlled manner using the weight of the kettlebell as leverage against your upper body.

Use the abdominal muscles to slowly bring the upper body erect to meet your kettlebell and chest.

Be mindful that a weight you use for one kettlebell exercise may not be the same for others. It’s best to start light and give yourself the option to increase the weight as you advance your form.

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