HEALTHY LIVING: 5 tips for making an inexpensive home gym 

HEALTHY LIVING: 5 tips for making an inexpensive home gym 

Having a space within your home where you can go to focus on your personal goals is important for self-care 

Making an at-home gym doesn’t have to be costly. There are many simple ways that you can set yourself up for a successful home workout and honor your need for some space to focus on self-care.

1. Speaker

Speakers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find high-quality speakers that meet your specific needs for a low cost.

Investing in a speaker will allow you to transform the atmosphere of your designated home-gym space into an environment that’s akin to a workout class or gym.

On days where you simply need a few moments of quite time to yourself you can play relaxing music from your home speaker and use your gym area to harness your zen.

2. Mats and padding

Purchasing a yoga mat is a great start to procuring items for your self-care area.

Spending a bit more money on dense floor guards and additional mats means you won’t have to worry about stressing your joints on concrete or feeling sticky from carpeting.

Adding floor guards underneath your workout mats will also help curb any friction that may occur between your gym equipment and flooring.

Make sure you have blankets and pillows within arm’s reach for days where you need to incorporate restorative yoga poses into your daily self-care practice.

3. Adjustable weights 

If you can switch the weight settings on dumbbells, kettlebells, or battle ropes your home gym will feel more fully formed.

You can also simply adjust the sets and repetitions that you do for certain exercise if you wish to use a single set of weights.

Don’t feel like you have to lift heavier than is comfortable for your body in order to see progress.

Go easy on yourself and use weights that vary in size.

4. Set up an agility ladder

You don’t need to purchase an elliptical, treadmill, or spin bike to get in a high-intensity cardio session. 

Using an agility ladder is a fun and simple way to get your heart rate up.

Agility ladders are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to store.

You can use them both in and outdoors.

Cardio shouldn’t feel punishing.

Pick a type of cardio that you really enjoy whether it be dancing, walking, or leaping your way through an agility ladder, choose what’s right for you.

5. Pack a gym bag

Investing in gym equipment won’t mean much if you never get around to using it. 

When you prepare your workout clothes and pack a mock “gym bag” with all the items you need to have an uninterrupted workout, you’re more likely to stick to your planned exercise schedule.

Make sure you keep a foam roller in your bag for active recovery days. 

Your gym space should be a place where you go to connect with your body’s needs no matter how you’re feeling.



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