HEALTHY LIVING: 4 things to know about black light yoga

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WALLINGFORD — The warrior pose and downward dog under black light gives a new twist to classic yoga classes.

At Rise Yoga on Route 5, participants are encouraged to wear glow-in-the-dark clothing, and yoga turns into a mini-party complete with loud music designed to block out the outside world.

The Record-Journal met up with Kelsey Sperl, owner and instructor at Rise Yoga, to talk about the activity.

Health benefits

Since last year, Sperl’s studio has been hosting several black light events with all-levels of Vinyasa yoga, a rapid-flow type of yoga that cycles through movements at a faster pace.

Sperl said Vinyasa works well with the loud music and vibe of black light yoga.

“The lights are low, the music is loud, so it really helps you to actually focus on the present moment,” she said. 

The American Council on Exercise suggests using black lights to bring “new life” to workouts. 

“You’re really only focused on yourself, your body, your breath and what’s going on on your own mat,” Sperl said of the added benefits.

The music

The black light sessions use loud, “body-pumping” music during the class. At Rise Yoga, Sperl and instructors like Kallie Meade use different genres each time for a unique experience.

“It’s really fun, I taught the last one which was a hip-hop yoga class,” Meade said. “Just different types of music than you’d usually experience at a yoga class.”

The next class later this month will be Caribbean-themed with reggae music. Up to 16 songs are played during the class, all related to the overall theme.

“Instead of distractions around you, the music can really help you tune into the present moment,” Sperl said. 

The class

The all-levels Vinyasa black light class is 90 minutes long and begins with floor and seated positions that work on connecting to the breath.

From there, the instructor picks up the pace and leads the class into standing positions. 

“You’re moving at a pretty steady pace the whole time,” Sperl said.

The class flows to the music using a similar arc as the poses.

Yoga mats are provided by the studio for the classes. Participants are encouraged to wear white or fluorescent comfortable clothing. 


The next black light yoga event at Rise Yoga will be March 22 at 7 p.m.

Similar events can be found at The Breathing Room Yoga Center in New Haven and Hartford Sweat in Hartford.
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