HEALTHY LIVING: 5 things to know about salt therapy at Verbena Holistic Center in Southington

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SOUTHINGTON – Salt can be a source of healing and rejuvenation through therapy that involves sitting in a room and breathing in particles.

With salt therapy becoming a more popular way to help detoxify the body, here are 5 things to know about a session from Verbena Holistic Center owners Julie Wallace and her daughters Morgan and Bethany Wallace.

The room

The salt room at Verbena contains about one ton of total salt. The salt blocks on the wall were imported from Pakistan and weigh seven pounds each. All the blocks are backlit and are mostly for aesthetic purposes, while salt pumped into the air provides guests with health benefits.

A Halogenerator, a machine that holds the salt, is located outside the room and grinds and distributes pharmaceutical-grade salt particles through a vent in the wall.

The session

Guests relax on chaise lounges, which also have support pillows for the back and knees, in the salt room in 35-minute sessions. Loose fitting comfortable clothing is recommended.

Participants can physically feel and taste the salt, and Wallace said she encourages guests to take deep breaths as salt filters into the room. 

Soft music plays to encourage relaxation. Participants can enjoy available reading materials or bring their own.

Guests are also encouraged to stay in the room during the entire session. At the end of the therapy, a fan removes salt from the air.


Wallace said it is not uncommon to experience a runny nose or start coughing after initially being exposed to the salt in the room, which works to thin the mucus in the sinus cavity. 

She said with each breath the salt detoxifies the body and eliminates bacteria and toxins.

Health conditions

The salt is an anti-inflammatory and can help a number of health conditions starting with the first therapy session.

Some health conditions salt therapy can improve include skin issues, like psoriasis, and breathing issues, like asthma, and even the common cold. Wallace said guests with these conditions can often feel relief right away. 

Symptoms of chronic conditions can be improved and kept at bay with weekly salt therapy sessions, according to Wallace.

History of salt therapy

Morgan Wallace said she researched salt therapy before Verbena opened the salt room last year.

She said salt miners in Poland were found to have improved respiratory health while coal miners were experiencing declining health. In World War II salt caves were used as bomb shelters and people who had asthma found that their symptoms improved in the caves. 

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