HEALTHY LIVING: 5 free fitness apps to download

HEALTHY LIVING: 5 free fitness apps to download

Smartphone applications make planning your fitness goals and tracking your habits convenient. 

The benefit of using technology over traditional pen and paper tracking methods is that all the information you need is stored in one place.

Also, any computing you may be doing manually to track your diet, exercise, or sleep can be configured electronically with the push of a few buttons.

1. MyFitnessPal

The MyFitnessPal app offers a free membership where users can track their weight, calories, macro nutrients, water intake, and exercise.

The app allows you to set a macro goals which divides your calories into carbohydrates, fats, and protein based on percentages. 

Log the food you eat at mealtimes using bar codes on packaged items or track your intake using grams, ounces, or cups.

You can keep all of your information private or make your profile public so your friends can follow along with your fitness journey and you theirs. 

2. Map My Run by Under Armor

Map My Run is an easy way to track the distance, speed, and route of your walks or runs.

Some of the most notable features of this app include a simple push-to-start GPS tracking option and an audible notification for each mile ran.

The GPS feature on this app records your routes and can suggest various routes around your neighborhood if you’re ensure of where you’d like to run.

You can bookmark and save your routes for future reference. 

You can also opt in for an enhanced workout analysis where the app provides you with coaching insights based on your performance.

3. WaterReminder

WaterReminder is a very straightforward application that allows you to track your liquid intake and receive reminders to consume more water throughout the day.

You can log all types of beverages such as tea, milk, and juice.

This app allows you to see the calories and macro nutrients that comprise your drinks, in a color-coded graph.

You can also set a maximum daily intake of caffeine and sugar. 

Recommended calories and macronutrients are based on gender, age, weight, height, and activity level. 

4. Zero

With intermittent fasting becoming a fast-growing lifestyle change for many, Zero makes it easy to track your fasted window. 

You will first be prompted to answer a few questions about what you’re looking to accomplish by using the app.

The app will then have you provide your typical eating window and give you a recommended fasting period based on your current lifestyle. 

You can also use the app as an incentive to avoid late-night snacking if you’re not explicitly looking to do a sustained fast.

The app will send notifications to your phone to remind you to start or stop eating based on the option that you’ve chosen.

5. SleepWatch

This app helps you track your sleep patterns and quality of rest.

You can get insights into your heart rate, any sleep disturbances, and other faucets of your circadian rhythms.

The app records the number of hours that you’ve slept and provides you with a sleep report.

While these applications give users the option to upgrade to paid memberships for additional perks, their free memberships offer plenty of useful features.

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