How to have the celebrations continue with kids during Covid

How to have the celebrations continue with kids during Covid

Covid changed our world, but the party still goes on when you have kids because they still deserve to be celebrated. Here are some ways you can do so safely:


You can still celebrate birthdays and holidays in the comfort of your home. I reuse a lot of the same items for birthdays and holidays. Balloon garland can be a fairly inexpensive way to give a backdrop to an event. I use an inflatable air pump to make the blowing up of the balloons a quick process. For helium balloons, I always purchase a tank.

You also don’t need a holiday as a season to celebrate. Has your child been extra good or do they need some extra cheering up? Break out some of the decor and have a party with some dance music. Have an Easter egg hunt inside or a camp out in the living room. 

DIY decor is also a huge go to for us. We love to make our own decorations that are unique. It also gets the kids involved and gives them something to do.

Bake together. Get the kids in the kitchen with you. Ask them what they want for their favorite meal. We love to make pizza together. 


For each of my children’s birthdays, they chose a theme, their favorite food and special games or activities.

For St Patrick’s Day last year, the leprechaun left a rainbow of streamers and a pot of gold for the kids to find.

For Easter, the children woke up to Easter bunny prints leading them to an Easter egg hunt in the yard. We then had a party where we decorated Easter eggs. We also made Easter crafts every week leading up to Easter. The kids weren’t in school, so it was a nice way for me to have handmade gifts from the kids and an activity to keep them busy. 

For my daughter’s third birthday, her theme was Young Wild and Three. We had Ice Cream Emergency come by with their truck. Inside the house, I setup our dining table with themed food. The living room was decorated for a camp out with tents, sleeping bags and a kids table. I also made little favors of marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars for s’mores. 

My youngest daughters first birthday theme was “one sweet peach”. I remodeled a playhouse for her birthday gift. I made a garland of balloons to cascade over her house which also made the perfect backdrop for family photos. I set up a table on the deck with refreshments and favors to hand out to the kids that drove by with family and friends. 

For my son’s birthday, he chose the Incredibles theme. We had a car parade and a table setup outside and dressed up in our Incredibles costume.

Our last event of the year was our second annual gingerbread workshop. I surprise the kids every year with a day full of gingerbread house making, decorating cookies and hot cocoa. 

Celebrating milestones and holidays doesn’t have to be elaborate. Bake together and get the kids in the kitchen with you. Ask them what they want for their favorite meal. We love to make pizza.

Get the kids involved and just have some fun with it.

Amanda Piscitelli  is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. 

A back-to-school celebration. | Amanda Piscitelli, special to Record-Journal
Ice cream summer fun. | Amanda Piscitelli, special to Record-Journal
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