Wallingford blogger offers tips to staying positive after battling COVID-19

Wallingford blogger offers tips to staying positive after battling COVID-19

If there was ever a time to wonder how to stay optimistic during a tough time, it's NOW. We are all facing more challenges than we ever thought possible. Social distancing, self-quarantine, distance learning, personal battles of Covid-19, mourning the loss of family members and friends.... the list goes on and on.

Last March after testing positive for Coronavirus, I had trouble finding ways to stay positive as I stayed sick in bed week after week. Then one day I forced myself to step outside in the sun. The effects on the sunshine on my mental health were incredible - Vitamin D is a free way to lift and energize your spirits. However, we all know that as humans we need MORE than natural sunlight to stay out of the darkness of depression.

Music, family/friends, nature, yoga, my cat, and laughter are some of the ways I stay optimistic during a tough time. Looking for more specific ways? Keep reading.

Meditate - It's pretty wild how much power can be found in our breath! Look up “Square Breathing” or download the “Calm” app for guided meditation.  

Make a list of POSITIVES - The only way out of a difficult situation is THROUGH, so work on a list of things that make you smile. 

Give Thanks - Things can always be worse, right? Give thanks for the positives in your life. Focusing on what you have is better than looking at what you've lost. Practice GRATITUDE!

Limit Bad News Intake - UNPLUG. Stay off social media or limit watching the news! 

Find happy people - Surround yourself with positive people, especially those that like to laugh! If you know someone going through the same thing, talk to them about your feelings, but pass along good vibes only.

Exercise - Nothing like endorphins to improve your mood, sharpen your focus, and increase your energy. Go for a walk or run, find a workout class online, or just turn on some fun music and DANCE! If you're sick, try a ten minute stretching or easy yoga flow session.

LAUGH - I try to laugh as much as possible each day even if it is at my own expense. One minute of laughter can make you forget about the sadness or hard time you're currently facing.

Listen to Music - Research suggest music can activate your body's feel good chemicals, like endorphins and oxytocin (source). 

Caitlin Houston is a local Wallingford blogger and mom of two who loves sharing all of her favorites on Caitlin Houston Blog. From fun activities at home to family friendly travels, easy recipes and more. 

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