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ON THE MENU: Specialty brews at Rebel Dog Coffee Co. in Plainville

PLAINVILLE — On the heels of its two-year anniversary on Farmington Avenue and the recent opening of a second location, Rebel Dog Coffee Co. has coffee making down to a science.

“The nitro brew is the jet fuel which is the cold brew concentrate, but it’s infused with the nitrogen to give it that Guinness-like appearance and richer flavor,” said Dan Follett, a member of the Rebel Dog coffee production team.

The brews are on tap through a retrofitted system left over from Confetti restaurant, which closed in 2016.

Rebel Dog owner and operator Harrison Poltorak said that it is all about “the exact recipes and proper brewing techniques.”

The cold brew is kegged and is Rebel Dog’s own roast profile. All the other coffees are sourced from a farm in New York.

“Cold brew itself is a smooth coffee,” Follett said of the popular drink. “It’s that long extraction process.”

Customers can even take home the cold brew in a 32 ounce or 64 ounce growler.

“A lot of people drink it year round,” Follett said.

Kombucha and seasonal cold brew teas are also on tap. Rebel Dog recently opened a second location is in Farmington.

As part of coffee production, Follett manufactures flavor shots for the coffee in-house. Vanilla bourbon is made with a simple syrup base, vanilla syrup and bourbon. The alcohol is cooked off and the syrup can be added to any drink.

The shop also has a rotating variety of seasonal flavor shots.

This month customers can choose beetroot and rose, ginger turmeric rosemary and lavender sage.

Follett said the most popular overall brew is usually dark roast.

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