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ON THE MENU: Edible cookie dough shop scoops up dessert in New Haven

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Doughlicious on State Street in New Haven is scooping up the “dessert your mama warned you about” and arguably the best part about making cookies — cookie dough.

“It’s raw edible cookie dough,” said owner Dan Dubuque of Waterbury. “People are a little floored by that concept when they come in, but we do it in a variety of ways.”

The shop opened earlier this month and is the second Doughlicious in the country. The first location is in Texas.

The dough is made using pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour.

Dana White, registered dietician and associate clinical professor of sports medicine at Quinnipiac University, said it’s a misconception that raw eggs are the only ingredient that is unsafe to eat in traditional cookie dough.

“Flour can be contaminated with salmonella and can be just as dangerous,” she said.

Heat-treated flour, along with pasteurized eggs also heated to kill bacteria, makes the dough edible.

“It’s definitely a hot trend, we’re seeing it everywhere,” said White, also a longtime consultant for the Food Network.

The few shops in the state that sell edible cookie dough include DoughLuv in Colchester and Connecticut Cookie Company in Fairfield. Many more are located in New York.

“They’re not used to having red velvet, banana pudding, cookies and cream, things like that,” Dubuque said of Doughlicious’ selection. “I think with the variety, people are really excited for it.”

Others flavors include s’mores, snickerdoodle, birthday cake and Reese Pieces, as well as seasonal selections like gingerbread.

Customers can order the dough in a scoop, cup, cone, milkshake or an ice cream sandwich and eat it while watching the dough making process behind the counter.

“The original chocolate chip is always the most popular because I think it’s nostalgic for people,” Dubuque said. “Birthday cake is very popular with kids.”

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