ON THE MENU: A popular time for Thanksgiving sandwiches at Paul’s Deli, Vinny’s Deli and The Notch Store

ON THE MENU: A popular time for Thanksgiving sandwiches at Paul’s Deli, Vinny’s Deli and The Notch Store

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Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and even gravy stuffed between bread makes the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich at several  area eateries.

Paul’s Deli in Meriden is known for “The Turkey Gobbler” sandwich, served every Thursday.

“We’ve been serving it about 35 years now,” said Paul Dominello, owner of Paul’s Deli. “This became one our traditional Thursday sandwiches.”

Preparations begin Wednesdays with homemade stuffing made with croutons, apples, celery and craisins.

Fresh-made gravy from the drippings of the roasted turkey breast tops off the sandwich, along with cranberry sauce.

“It’s one of my best sellers,” Dominello said. “...people look forward... especially in the cold weather when they start looking for more comfort food.”  

Dominello makes between 30 and 40 sandwiches every Thursday until Thanksgiving.

The sandwich is temporarily taken off the menu for two weeks after Thanksgiving to “give everyone a break.” 

In Wallingford, Vinny’s Deli also prepares a Thanksgiving-style sandwich called Thanksgiving Day on a Roll.

The popular item is available starting the first of October until Christmas.

“People call year round,” said Vinny Iannuzzi, owner of Vinny’s Deli.

“We do a ton of them.”

The sandwich is made up of the deli’s own slow-roasted turkey, topped with gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. 

The Thanksgiving Sandwich is a year-round menu item at Double Play Cafe in Wallingford.

Oven-roasted turkey breast, house-made stuffing and cranberry sauce is sandwiched between a poppy seed roll with a side of gravy.

“It’s one of our more popular sandwiches,” said George Butler of Double Play Cafe.

In Cheshire, The Notch Store serves its variation of the sandwich.

Franksgiving is named after owner Frank Salvatore.

“With the colder weather it always gets busy,” Salvatore said. “We’ve been serving it for 10 plus years.”

The oven-cooked turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy is loaded on a roll and served every Friday, except for the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Other local places that offer Thanksgiving inspired sandwiches include Center Street Luncheonette, Cafe Ra and Rosa’s Deli.

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