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ON THE MENU: New owner but same specialty sandwiches at 2 Guys 1 Grill in Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD – It’s easy to make a new friend or catch up with old ones while eating a “Cheesin Squeezin” sandwich or lobster roll, among other popular menu items, in the close quarters of 2 Guys One Grill restaurant off North Turnpike Road.

“Everybody loves the place,” owner Michael Wambolt said of the community response over the last few years. “We made a ton of new friends being here.”

The Wallingford resident took over the small hot dog and hamburger restaurant before it opened for the season last month after the previous owners announced last year they were looking to sell.

Wambolt was a cook at the restaurant for the past several years.

“They were trying to do stuff that was a little different than the norm and they did a really good job at that for nine years and people really seemed to like our food and our atmosphere,” he said.

The wood interior is decorated with vintage hot dog and hamburger signs as well as a picture of the original business before 2 Guys One Grill – Dandy Hot Dogs.

Wambolt plans to continue the same menu, which includes favorites like “The Cheesin Squeezin,” a hamburger made with grilled cheese buns, and “The SICNIC,” a cheddar cheese, nacho cheese and BBQ sandwich topped with bacon and onion rings.

Seafood at the restaurant will be introduced this season, including a lobster roll and other offerings.

“It’s very welcoming,” said Stacey Hoppes, a staff member for the last three years. 

Hoppes said her favorite sandwich is “anything with avocado,” especially the “KG Cali,” a BLT with the addition of avocado, ranch and cheddar cheese.

“Returning customers are always excited when we open back up,” Hoppes said.

The restaurant closed for the winter in November. 

Wambolt said depending on the weather they try to re-open by early March.

“People were excited to see us back open,” he said. “Everybody is chatting, customers chat with each other because they’re in such close proximity and everybody is very friendly.”

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