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ON THE MENU: Traditional diner food made vegan at Colony Diner in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD —  While diners are sometimes associated with burgers, breakfast and other comfort food, one local diner is offering a new selection of vegan options.

Colony Diner restaurant, 611 N. Colony Road, now serves vegan and vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I know the trend and listening to the customers, people are looking to eat healthier and healthier,” co-owner Eric Celik said. “I just wanted to offer...more options for people that may not be vegan but they just want to eat healthier that day,”

He said the restaurant, which opened in 2004, will continue to add to the menu based on customer feedback.

Vegan items include a B.L.T., reuben, cheeseburger, and chickpea “tuna” melt. Breakfast vegan items seem to be the most popular, especially the tofu scramble, vegan morning quesadilla and pancakes, Celik said. 

“It does not contain milk or eggs and we use a hundred percent whole wheat flour for (pancakes),” Celik said. 

Celik said the restaurant will still offer a large selection of classic breakfast and dinner meals, including pot pie, shepard’s pie, pot roast, and liver and onions. 

Resident Bob Bishop sat at the diner Tuesday with a group of retired Pratt & Whitney workers. He said they meet at the diner twice a month for breakfast. Bishop enjoys the food and has had the same waitress for years.

Bishop said the reason he keeps coming to the diner is, “The food, the service, the people, Patty our waitress,” he said. “It’s nice coming here.”

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Colony Diner Restaurant

  • Address: 611 N. Colony Rd., Wallingford.
  • Hours: Sun. - Thurs. 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Fri.- Sat. 6 a.m. - 3 a.m.
  • Phone: 203-269-9507
  • Website: https://colonydiner.com

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