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ON THE MENU: Steak, Italian favorites served at new Violi’s II at Wallingford Country Club

WALLINGFORD — Customers of Violi's II restaurant can look forward to a variety of Italian cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere in the new country club location.

Violi’s II restaurant opened in the Wallingford Country Club, 195 Long Hill Road, in March. The restaurant will cater to club members, but will also be open to the public for lunch and dinner, like Violi’s I at Hunter Golf Club on Westfield Road in Meriden.

Owner Mustafa Beskovic said he was not looking to open a second location but, when the Wallingford Country Club contacted him seeking to collaborate, he saw an opportunity for growth.

He said the restaurant provides the same menu items as the Meriden restaurant cooked fresh daily.

“We don’t pre-cook,” he said. “We do all the time fresh.”

Soups, salads, seafood, steaks and Italian favorites like lasagna, ravioli and fettuccine Alfredo are all available. The restaurant has a bar and lounge area, small dining room with outdoor seating, and a banquet hall for dinners and special events.

The restaurant is managed by Beskovic’s son Sammy Beskovic. The restaurant is member focused, but all customers are a priority, he added. The general goal is to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming.

“It’s a little different clientele,” Sammy Beskovic said. “You just gotta make sure and please the customers whether they’re private or public.”

Beskovic said the most popular items on the menu are the various types of steaks.

The new location offers a few more options than the Meriden location because the chef specializes in steaks, he said.

Chef Jerry Sinanovic has worked in Manhattan restaurants for the past 13 years and will now be the head chef at Violi’s II. He said a very popular steak item is the dry, aged steak— a 16 ounce steak that is aged for one month and is only ordered by the restaurant once a week.

“Their food is consistent and their service is spectacular,” said Meriden resident Wallie Feliciano.

Feliciano said he is a regular customer at both locations. Feliciano has been a longtime member of the Wallingford Country Club and was excited when he learned that the restaurant opened a location at the club.

“The members are looking for good service, good food and to take care of our guests when they come in,” Feliciano said. “These guys do a good job.”

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Take a look around Violis II at Wallingford Country Club. | Dave Zajac, Record-Journal staff

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