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ON THE MENU: The Eatery serves up doughnut sandwiches and to-go meals in Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD – A gooey glazed doughnut acts as the “bread” for a popular grilled chicken, bacon and cheddar sandwich at The Eatery on South Colony Street.

“We do salads, wraps, paninis, and our strangest thing is a doughnut sandwich,” said Leah Masella, co-owner of the cafe along with her husband Jon Masella. 

“The Bronut” came about after a friend was experimenting in the kitchen, a common event at The Eatery. Often “fortunate mistakes” are turned into a special, like the doughnut sandwich, which ended up on the menu for good.

“Everyone loves it,” Leah Masella said.

The sandwich is grilled for a few seconds to make sure everything is melted.

“Just enough to give it that perfect, gooey, campfire kind of taste,” Leah Masella said.

The final touch is a sprinkling of powdered sugar, or as The Eatery likes to call it – “snow.”

 On Wednesday, the Masellas were busy putting together catering orders to be delivered to businesses and community members nearby.

“What’s the feel of the Eatery?” Jon Masella asked his kitchen staff Wednesday while putting together a tray of California salad. “Yeah it’s fun, it’s crazy, we’re always trying something new.”

The lifelong Wallingford resident started his catering business before adding the cafe nearly five years ago.

“The Eatery took on a life of its own,” he said.

A chalk board spanning the back wall of the cafe lists all-day breakfast options as well as lunch items like salads, sandwiches and quinoa bowls. Alongside the printed items are several illustrations done by a local chalk artist.

“Whether it’s our meats, they’re all natural no preservatives in them at all, our all natural deli meats or our cheese, we’re trying to make sure we bring in brands that are just really good quality,” Leah Masella said.

Fresh bread for sandwiches is delivered daily along with doughnuts.

The doughnut sandwich resides on the “Et Cetera” section of the menu, which consists of a pepper jack cheese and chipotle aioli quesadilla and a Nutella panini, among others. 

Last year, The Eatery added a fried egg, whiskey cheddar sandwich on a green bagel to the specials for St. Patrick’s Day.

“We’ll probably do that and we also do a coffee rub brisket with lavarde cheese, mustard greens, caramelized onions and a maple brown sugar aioli,” Jon Masella said of the plans for this year’s Irish holiday.

Another new addition is a mobile app where people can order food for pick-up. 

“Our goal is making a place that we would want to come to and we would enjoy,” Jon Masella said. “You can feel like you can get away from work or a little bit, get away from whatever is going on and enjoy some good food.”

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