ON THE MENU: Veggie burgers a popular choice at Paul's Restaurant in Cheshire

ON THE MENU: Veggie burgers a popular choice at Paul's Restaurant in Cheshire

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CHESHIRE — A 100-year-old veggie burger recipe is a popular request from diners at Paul’s Restaurant on Highland Avenue.

“The veggie burgers are of course one of the most popular and famous dishes,” said Sharad Jain, owner of Paul’s Restaurant. 

The restaurant known for breakfast and lunch menus opened more than 30 years ago. Jain took over five years ago after the original owner retired.

Al Jones of Cheshire is one of many customers that continues to frequently eat and socialize at Paul’s.

“The food is good, the quality is good, the people are very friendly and it’s a social experience,” he said.

Among the expansive menu items, the veggie burgers have remained a hit. Dozens of patties are made throughout the week.

“There are no real fillers in it,” Jain said of the recipe. “Typical veggie burgers are filled with beans or bread crumbs.”

At Paul’s, the burgers are instead made with toasted wheat germ and walnuts along with a few other ingredients, included in the secret recipe.

Customers can choose from flavor varieties, including one dish that piles the veggie burger with sauteed mushrooms, onions and cheese.

The Italian burger consists of roasted red peppers and melted provolone cheese, while the Mexican burger includes cheddar and salsa for a kick.

“It’s a little different from typical burgers you pick up in the supermarket, so you can very easily differentiate the taste,” Jain said.

He said the texture of the veggie burgers is soft, even though it is more difficult to make the patties juicy due to the lack of fat found in meat burgers.

“It’s delicious,” he said.

Customers can also purchase veggie burgers to take home and cook.

Other longtime popular dishes include a variety of omelettes, apple fritter French toast and seasonal pumpkin pancakes.

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