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ON THE MENU: Chris and Roy’s Brotherly Grub food truck serves up pulled pork tacos, sliders and other creations 

MERIDEN — After 30 years in construction, brothers Chris and Roy Metzger decided to open a food truck and do something they both love. 

“We’ve been contemplating it for a long time, for years, and we finally had the courage,” Chris Metzger said. They opened “Chris and Roy’s Brotherly Grub” last May. 

The two grew up on Long Island, where Roy Metzger still lives. Chris Metzger moved to Wallingford about 13 years ago. 

Chris and Roy’s Brotherly Grub travels the state, parking outside venues like health care centers, breweries, and college campuses. The two also cater events and parties. 

On Wednesday, they were at Midstate Medical Center, where they park outside the Birthing Center every other week.

Timothy Marturano, a Meriden resident and valet runner at the medical center, said he eats at the truck often. His favorite is the lamb gyro, but he’s tried almost everything on the menu. 

“I haven't had anything here that was bad,” Marturano said.

The brothers tweak the menu depending on the venue. If they are at a brewery or vineyard, they select food that will pair well with wine or beer.

They’ll even incorporate a breweries’ IPAs into recipes, like bratwurst, and will make salad dressings with a vineyard’s wine. 

“It’s kind of nice to incorporate their staples into ours,” Chris Metzger said. 

Coming from an Italian family, the brothers include many Italian dishes like seafood lasagna and chicken cutlets on the menu, but the two also like to take inspiration from other cultures, such as with their pulled pork taco. 

No matter what they’re making, the Metzgers always try to use local and fresh ingredients. 

“Our grandmother and mother put their heart into it and you can actually taste it in the food and we want to kind of mimic that so that our customers can taste the extra steps that are involved,” Chris Metzger said. 

The pair opened a restaurant in New York state back in the mid-90s but found that the location wasn’t sustainable. 

“We know a lot more now, we’re a little older and wiser and we’re hoping it works out this time,” Chris Metzger said. 

Plus, the two love working together as brothers. 

“We’ve been through a lot together. We’re a lot wiser now,” Chris Metzger said. “We know what matters now: being together and doing what we love.”

The truck will be at Alvarium Brewing Company in New Britain Saturdayfrom 3 to 9:30 p.m. and will be back at Midstate on July 31 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. To see their schedule, visit chrisandroysllc.com

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