OUT & ABOUT: Haunt on Eden expands with spooky village concept near Mount Southington

OUT & ABOUT: Haunt on Eden expands with spooky village concept near Mount Southington

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SOUTHINGTON – The family-run Haunt on Eden attraction has moved to the Mount Southington ski area this Halloween season and will feature an abandoned village concept with spooky residents lurking about.

“This year’s our biggest year, our first year going pro,” said Jeff Donis, owner and founder of Haunt on Eden along with his wife Susan.

“Even though it’s year six it’s a lot like starting over, it’s a whole different ball game,” she added.

The haunted attraction starts Friday and runs until the last weekend of the month.

The Donis family started the haunt in their front yard before expanding this year with more space, better lighting and more theatrics. The estimated time to walk through the outdoor village and attached indoor haunted house is 20 minutes. 

“This year is a whole village experience, so it’s not just coming through a haunted house,” Donis said. “It’s almost like a scream park.”

The Donis’ daughters – Olivia, 13, and Amelia, 8 – will play ax-wielding sisters. It is the first time Amelia will be joining her big sister as an actor.

“It’s fun to be able to do this with them,” Susan Donis said. “They see not only the fun part, but also the hard work we put in.”

Past themes have included the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and a killer clown “Freak Show.” Family and friends help build the sets and play the more than 20 actors in the scary scenes. 

“We like to take things that could almost happen in real life and bring it to life,” Jeff Donis said. “So there’s an element of reality to it where you kind of could stumble upon an abandoned village.” 

The husband and wife team work with fellow Southington builder and “haunter” Mike DeLuca, along with his business partner Eric Oulette and many volunteers.

More information can be found by calling 860-804-8895

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