OUT & ABOUT: Lyman Orchards annual sunflower maze celebrates 50th anniversary of Sesame Street 

MIDDLEFIELD — As Lyman Orchards’ annual sunflower maze gears up for opening day this Saturday, here’s four things to know for your visit.

1. The Theme

In an effort to appeal to all ages, Lyman Orchards chose to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Sesame Street.”

“We’ve got their logo and ‘50 years’ and within the maze, we’ll have a lot of information about ‘Sesame Street,’” said Executive Vice President John Lyman. “I think people will have a lot of fun ... adults who maybe grew up with ‘Sesame Street’ (and) their kids who are now watching it.”

The maze will have check-points with fun facts about ‘Sesame Street’ and its history. 

Because of the many twists and turns in the letters, Lyman said this year’s maze may be one of the most difficult yet.

Last year’s maze was in collaboration with the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport and featured a tiger’s head.

2. The Flowers

Around 350,000 sunflowers line the 2.5 acre maze, in varying colors of yellow, orange and red. The maze opened a week later than usual due to delays in seeding, but Lyman said the flowers will be in full bloom around mid-August.

Lyman said because the variety of sunflower used is “ornamental,” they won’t produce pollen and won’t attract bees to guests. The flowers do attract other creatures, including butterflies and yellow finches. 

“It’s a really nice, scenic tour through the sunflowers,” he said. 

3. The Cause

Since its inception in 2007, one dollar of every ticket sold for the maze is donated to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, a pediatric hospital in Hartford. Last year, they crossed the $100,000 mark in total donations. 

“We’re hoping to continue that tradition and keep growing it every year and be able to contribute more to the great work they’re doing at Connecticut Children’s,” Lyman said. 

Last year’s maze generated $13,565 for the medical center. 

4. The hours

The maze is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Opening day is Saturday and the maze will be open through the month of August. It is situated across from pick-your-own blueberrries, at 50 South St. 

The corn maze at the orchards opens in September.

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