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Southington student offers tips for a smooth dorm move-in experience

One of the most challenging days of college, move-in day is often hot. Some students also have to deal with rooms without air conditioning and stairs instead of an elevator. It is impossible to avoid every issue, but with some planning move-in day can be a little easier.

Start planning early for shopping, packing and the actual move. Think about what items you use on a daily basis — a specific face wash, phone chargers and so on — and keep a list for packing. This can also double as a shopping list for items you need throughout the semester.

This mindset is also helpful for picking clothes to pack — do you really need that shirt you never wear but think you might?

You likely need less than you think but also consider the variety of events you might be attending. Will you be utilizing your college gym? A few formal pieces are also good to have for special events, like class dinners or meetings with alumni.

Depending on how far you have to travel, keeping your clothes on hangers is an easy, time-saving way for bringing your wardrobe into your new room. A garbage bag can keep clothes together and clean, the opening tied around the hangers.

Storage bins are another college essential that can be used for moving in and organizing items ahead of time. Even the largest containers can fit under most dorm beds and remain useful throughout the semester. For students close to home, large bins are great for bringing home shoes, bulky sweaters and other items for winter break, rather than multiple duffel bags.

On the day of move-in, aim to arrive on campus as early as possible, usually around 9 a.m. Arriving early helps avoid the crush and usually the weather is a little cooler. For first-year students, the extra time also allows for more family time.

When you first enter your dorm, open all windows, plug in your fan and wipe down all surfaces. Dust tends to gather throughout the summer and the open windows lets the room cool and air out. A quick vacuum is also a good first step. Moving in bigger items first also helps to avoid crowding. Appliances like fridges take some time to kick on, so setting these up first is essential, especially for getting cold drinks ready to enjoy at the end of move-in!

Move-in is a stressful experience, often clouded with emotion. Taking the time to prepare for the big day can help make it a much happier memory.

Record-Journal freelancer Sammi Bray of Southington is a student at Trinity College in Hartford. She is studying public policy and law, with a minor in rhetoric, writing and media studies. Bray can be contacted at sammibray03@gmail.com


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