5 tips for a stress-free day trip to NYC

Broadway is back and locals claim that “New York City is healing.” If you’ve never traveled to the city or haven’t been since early 2020, here are some tips for a great, stress free trip.

Take the train

Metro-North tickets are typically about $30, off-peak for a round-trip. Download the MTA eTix app to purchase tickets ahead of time on your phone. If  you wake up to rainy weather or decide to delay your trip, tickets are good for 90 days. Parking for most stations is either free or under $20, costing far less than the grand total of parking in the city and paying tolls, plus filling up on gas! 

Download all the Metro-North or Amtrack apps

These apps are a lifesaver for tracking train times. Since Metro-North tickets are not purchased for a certain time, use the app to decide the best time for you to travel. The MNR Train Time app features train schedules and each stop the train will make. 

Skip the fancy meals

The best NYC meals are quick and easy. Grab a bagel in the morning and a slice of pizza later in the day. These quick bites are far less expensive and typically delicious. Use online apps like Yelp to search for the perfect foods or pop into a chain restaurant not available in Connecticut. Also, try to avoid museum cafeterias, which are usually pricey.  For diners looking to be Covid safe, search for dining options that are outdoors or chose grab and go, then enjoy your meal in one of NYC’s parks.

Research ticket prices for events

Typically, Broadway shows or special museums have advanced tickets at a discount and other offers available for students, seniors and others. The Metropolitan Museum allows any student from surrounding states, including Connecticut, to enter the museum at whatever price they feel comfortable paying. Broadway tickets can be bought at a discount from different websites, but beware of scams. A quick search can help buyers decide what is a real-deal and what isn’t. Joining the mailing list for a popular show can also help  you find information about cheaper seats or enter raffles! Consider buying partial view tickets, which allow you to see a show for less.

Prepare to walk

Lace up your sneakers and get out your phone’s map application. Apple’s iPhone Map is especially helpful for getting you where you want to go. With the landmark feature, tourists can see exactly what is around them on their screen. Many similar apps can also link to smart watches, allowing your phone to be in a safe place while you travel. 




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