Local blogger gives tips to sleeping better, like a kid 

Local blogger gives tips to sleeping better, like a kid 

Do you ever wonder how to sleep like a kid? Soundly, peacefully, stretched across the bed without a care in the world? Here are some tips to sleep like a kid again.

From the time my daughters were newborns until ages 4 and 7, I've found myself watching them sleep with envy. “Wow it must be nice,” I wonder aloud, especially on mornings after the nights they keep us awake. Kids are rarely woken by adults, never plagued with insomnia over life, and usually snooze sprawled out in their bed. Sleep is grand for kids ... but maybe we all need to take a page from their books.

Here are five tips on How to Sleep Like a Kid.

Tip 1: Follow a routine.

The most obvious way to sleep like a kid is to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Parents around the world put their children to sleep at a specific hour every evening and without missing a beat, those kids wake up at the same absurd hour every morning. Perhaps our kids sleep so well because they follow a routine? We all need to try sticking to a sleep/wake schedule and see what happens.

Tip 2: Be active ALL day.

Do you know any children who spend hours glued to a desk five days a week? Even the children in distance learning move around the house with enough frequency that they never experience a sleeping bottom in their chair. Run a couple of laps around your house, dance in the shower, or jump on the couch for 20 minutes. Whatever you do, make time for physical activity during the day since aerobic exercise promotes better sleep. Or just be active ALL DAY like my four year old and maybe you'll sleep better at night.

Tip 3: Avoid caffeine after 12 pm.

I don't know about your child, but mine isn't allowed to drink caffeine. If the avoidance of caffeine altogether helps children sleep like peaceful cherubs, try it out. Or maybe just ditch your afternoon coffee.

Tip 4: Read a book before bed.

How is it that my daughters fall asleep instantly the nights we read story books before bedtime? Books are welcome distractions from the stressors that can plague your mind at the end of a long day. Try to calm your own mind by reading a book instead of scrolling through your phone or watching T.V. Reading is relaxing

Tip 5: Try a Sleep Aid. 

Our children require a few items for a good night’s sleep - stuffies (stuffed animals), a comfy blanket, and the sound machine. As parents we make sure kids have their sleep aids every night at bedtime, so why not try the same for ourselves? Yoga, a weighted blanket, chamomile tea or melatonin are a few safe ‘adult’ sleep aids you can experiment with. 

Next time you’re having trouble sleeping, consult your child (or one in your life) to find out what they need for a good night’s sleep!

Caitlin Houston is a local Wallingford blogger and mom of two who loves sharing all of her favorites on Caitlin Houston Blog. From fun activities at home to family friendly travels, easy recipes and more. 

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