Blogger shares tips for staying active during college winter break

Winter break is finally here and I’m ready to do absolutely nothing. Tempting as it seems to sleep all day and completely let go of responsibility, I’m attempting to avoid the hard adjustment in January when classes resume.

Need some tips for how to keep yourself on the right track? Here are five things I am implementing in my own life:

Maintain a somewhat
regular bedtime

With finals just wrapping up, it’s normal to catch up on sleep. Set realistic bedtimes for yourself — like midnight — and wake-up times — I aim for 9 a.m.

Even if you don’t spring right out of bed, it helps maintain the habit of waking up earlier.

Along with a regular night routine, try to incorporate parts of your school
routine into home life

I have been trying to at least keep my meal times around the same time and use times when I normally have classes to check my email or prep for next semester.

Stay physically active 

At school, I’m lucky enough to have a variety of group fitness classes throughout the week.

I allowed myself a little rest period, but am getting back to my usual routine. 

There are lots of free resources on Youtube and other social media platforms. Fitness apps, like Peloton, have student discounts.

If you’re home with siblings or friends, try doing a class together! Push out of your comfort zone and try something like dance cardio or ice skating.

Stay mentally active

You don’t have to teach yourself calculus or read “Infinite Jest” over break, but it’s a great time to read some of those books you’ve been thinking about and never had time for. After break, readjusting to having assignments and deadlines can be tricky, so I try to set up goals for myself, like reading a chapter a day.

Enjoy break!

Take advantage of the time to nourish your passions. Try some new recipes, learn a new hobby, and enjoy being home. As important as it is to stay busy, you’ve earned this time off!

Sammi Bray of Southington is a first year student at Trinity College in Hartford. She is studying public policy and law, with a minor in rhetoric, writing and media studies. She has been freelancing for the Record-Journal since June. You can contact her at


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